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Help needed for Puppy Mill rescues

Grateful Rescue & Sanctuary is caring for 10 dogs that were rescued from a puppy mill. Donations are needed to help pay for their medical care.

Nine of the females will need spayed and the one male puppy will need neutered. Adult dogs will need dental work and all will need vaccines.

If you can help, click here to donate

Here's more information from Pamela Terhune, the founder of Grateful Rescue & Sanctuary:

"Last week we were contacted about taking a pack of 10 puppy mill dogs. We immediately began preparing a space at our rescue. It really does take a village! First and foremost, the ANGELS who went to a dark place to save these babies' lives. Sherry Richardson, Kathy Bland & Debbie Norrick. Thanks to Terri Panzi at ARF who immediately reached out and said, "HOW CAN WE HELP?" and followed up sending a TEAM of ARF's Paw Vets & Techs to our home to examine and vaccinate them. We need your help caring for the Puppy Mill Pack! 1) All 10 need Spayed (and one little neuter! puppy of the 10 is a male!). 2) All adults are in need of dental extractions, Most are at stages 3 & 4 of Periodontal Disease. 3) Vaccines for all. Puppy Mills are a very sad place. Luckily for this pack, life is about to get much better! They are beginning to trust, learning to play, and enjoying human interaction. Please follow us for updates on this bunch and watch them transform into a happy, confident, and healthy pack!"


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