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Home Pet Spa Portable Pet Bathing Enclosure – Great for dogs of all sizes!

In case that you're a proud dog parent searching for a portable pet bathing solution, then the Home Pet Spa Portable Pet Bathing Enclosure might just be the perfect choice for both you and your furry companion.

The Home Pet Spa is a versatile, portable enclosure that's suitable for dogs of most sizes, working great for either small, medium, or even some large size dogs.

The Pet Spa offers dog owners dog grooming at home, eliminating trips to the groomer and the mess from bathing your pet in the bathtub, kitchen sink or utility tub. That’s two birds with one stone, and you and Fido even get to have some fun during bathing/grooming time.

With this portable dog bathing unit, pet owners can get their own easy-to-do and cost-effective way to wash their beloved dogs without making a mess or fuss; all of that within the privacy and comfort of their home.

Not only that, but bathing your own dog can also be a great bonding experience since it's a great way to show Fido just how much you love him.

Let’s check out this portable dog bathing unit and see everything it has to offer.


The unit (Home Pet Spa Model RA-060) itself measures 35 inches long by 24.7 inches wide by 29¼ inches tall (890 x 630 x 745 mm), weighing a total of 60 lb. (27 kg).

As stated before, the Home Pet Spa is a versatile, portable enclosure that's suitable for dogs of all sizes, working great for either small, medium, or even large size dogs.

Be aware that some breeds of giant size dogs won't fit the enclosure, including adult Great Danes, most young (and all adult) Dogue de Bordeaux dogs, Newfoundlands, English mastiffs, etc.

Still, for most other breeds (all small dogs to some "somewhat" large breeds"), this pet bathing enclosure is simply amazing. The best part about it is definitely all of the bathing equipment it packs.

The Home Pet Spa Portable Pet Bathing Enclosure requires no installation, as it can be easily hooked up to any standard faucet within your house by using a proper faucet adapter (be aware that an adapter is not included).


The Home Pet Spa Portable Pet Bathing Enclosure accounts for a total of 12 pieces within the unit, coming with 9 built-in features as well as with 3 included optional accessories.

Here's a full list of the Home Pet Spa's anatomy:

1. Transparent Splash guard (optional)

2. Pet Safety Restraint Holders (chains not included)

3. Exit door

4. Extendible flexible drain

5. Water supply inlet

6. Entry door

7. Removable Shelf for Small Dogs (optional)

8. Access panel

9. Jet control

10. Shower control (One of the two knobs at the front-left side)

11. Shower wand (The second of the two knobs at the front-left side)

12. Four (x4) On Wheels w/lock (optional)

The Home Pet Spa's Entry (6) and Exit (3) Doors provide an easy access for both the dog and their owners' arms (while bathing their dog).

Thanks to its built-in Pet Safety Restraint Holders owners can easily keep their pets more calm and relaxed, as well as still in place for a better bathing experience, ensuring that no mess is made and that a potentially overly excited dog doesn't start jumping all over the house with his torso, legs, nose and tail all covered in dog shampoo.

The unit's built-in extendable and flexible drain offers a convenient way for owners to dispose of their dogs’ shower water once their done bathing Fido.


Jet and Shower Wand On/Off Controls

The Home Pet Spa's comes equipped with two (x2) built-in two knobs (located at the front-left side of the unit) that work as on/off controls for its Jet/Shower Wand, offering dog owners a total of six (x6) different Mist Jets for total soaking.

The Jets and Shower Wand can be used simultaneously for a better bathing experience.


The Home Pet Spa is a great portable dog bathing enclosure that's suitable for almost any dog, working great for small, medium and even some large dog breeds.

The unit comes equipped with a ton of accessories that make bathing your dog a breeze.

If you're looking to buy the Home Pet Spa Portable Pet Bathing Enclosure, each unit is currently discounted from its normal price of $1211, now going for $899 (saves you $312). You can get your Home Pet Spa directly from its official online shopping page, which you can access to place your online order by clicking here.

The company also has a ton of extra accessories available for it, including new splash guards, new replaceable On-Wheels, and even a Multi-Functional Handheld Shower with Bristle Brush.

You can check all of the available products (including other color models for the Home Pet Spa) on the company’s product page, which you can access by clicking this link.


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