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Bringing a new pet into your home

Cream Pomeranian dog next to blue wall
Pomeranian loving his doctor visit!

If you CHOOSE to bring a pet into your home, it doesn't matter if it's a dog, cat, bird, reptile, small mammal, or anything else, you MUST ACCEPT the responsibility of understanding the nutritional, environmental, social, and behavioral needs of that pet! In addition, you are accepting the costs that go along with providing for that pet for the rest of its life!

Far too often, we jump into picking a pet based on some subjective aspect, such as wanting a pet just like your favorite celebrity has or because the breed/animal was featured in a TV or in a movie. We fail to find out any basic information about the type of animal we have chosen and when that animal fails to thrive or fails to live up to our expectations, the pet may be abandoned, left to fend for itself, or even prematurely euthanized.

Banana Ball Python
Banana Ball Python

It's up to YOU to find out everything you can about the pet you want . . . find out about nutritional needs (many reptiles require live prey), the medical needs (many small mammals require someone to trim their incisor teeth), social needs (does your pet do better in groups or alone), and ways that you can enrich your pet's environment.

You have some pretty amazing resources available to you through your family veterinarian. If he or she doesn't know the answers, they can point you in the right direction. Seek out high-quality, reputable breeders or experienced individuals working in rescue/shelters for additional information.

Having pets is one of the greatest experiences of life, especially when you find that one animal who connects with your soul. Make sure you are living up to your end of the bargain by providing for your pet's needs!

Tell us about your "soul pet" . . . which animal impacted your life in an unexpected way?


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