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I'm Merry! Adopt me!

Merry would do well with a male companion dog in the home.

From Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue

Merry was found as a stray and not reclaimed from the shelter. We estimate she was born in October 2022.

She is a fun loving, strong girl who loves attention, learns quickly and is eager for human attention. She enjoys being brushed and going for walks, although she could benefit from obedience training and an e-z walk harness, as she does currently pull when you walk her. 

She's a gorgeous girl, with a snow white coat, that glistens in the sunshine. She is crate trained too. She loves romping with other dogs. A male companion would be best for her, as opposite sexes tend to get along well with this breed. She is up-to-date on vaccinations, is spayed and microchipped.

We recommend obedience training for all newly adopted pyrs, to help you create a special bond with you and your new friend, and so you have a well behaved canine. Great Pyrenees are willing to learn, but are not as eager to comply with commands as much as other breeds. They are bred to be independent thinkers.

Applicants must be over 25, own their own home and all children in household must be over 6 years old. Your resident pets must be up to date on vaccines, sterilized, you must have a good history of vet care for them for the past two years, and you must have used heartworm preventative year round for your dogs and be able to provide proof of purchase.

Merry will be placed as an inside pet with outside privileges. You MUST have a securely fenced yard accessible from your home. Invisible fencing does not work with this breed and they will take the shock for the freedom. Great Pyrenees are bred to roam and will create their own territory if not secured, which can led to them being lost, hit by vehicles or harmed by people who see them as a threat. The breed is not a good off leash dog, and cannot be trusted to not run away.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering, please complete the appropriate application on our website, under the Adopt tab.



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