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It's a rescue like no other!

"We don't give up on dogs," says animal advocate who started a sanctuary for pit bulls. (WSB-TV photo)

What’s the most discriminated-against dog breed? Yes, the pit bull, who is thought to be aggressive and untrainable.

But there’s a guy in Georgia who doesn’t buy into that and has opened a facility dedicated to housing the breed. Paulding County resident Jason Flatt has recently purchased 46 acres of land in a remote part of the area to build a state-of-the art sanctuary for pit bulls and pit bull mixes, he told ABC Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV.

Flatt pulls pitties out of local shelters and brings them to kennels at his home, where a small team cares for them.

"Everybody assumes these dogs are like these baby-killing monsters," Flatt said. "Pit bulls have a problem – a big problem. In every major city, every pound is full of them, and there's not enough rescues to take them."

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