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Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68 – Waterproof Electronic Collar w/ 4 Training Modes

Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68

Training a dog to learn specific actions or stop unwanted behaviors requires both time and patience. This is where a dog training collar can come in handy. Also known as electronic or remote training collars (and sometimes called "shock collars"), these devices are used as training aids by many professional dog trainers to effectively train dogs for different purposes. This not only includes behavior training to control and correct undesirable behaviors like excessive barking, digging, running away and chasing other animals, but also specific activities that dogs can help humans in, such as hunting, law enforcement, and even rescue operations. Without these tools, it would harder (and in some cases virtually impossible) to train dogs. While positive reinforcement or rewards-based training is unarguably the most effective way to accomplish behavior modifications, if a dog owner or trainer happens to reach the limits of positive training methods, then using an electronic training collar can help them in training their dogs. Nowadays, most electronic training collars have multiple functionalities that make safe and effective to train dogs, including audible tones, quick vibrations, and shock stimulus (which should only be used as a last resort). By following a careful and compassionate application, an electronic training collar can prove to be useful for training your dog. For an electronic dog collar that offers vast adjustability in its settings, there's the Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68.

The Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68 is an advanced electronic dog training collar which can be easily adjusted to fit dogs of all sizes and also has a IPX7 Waterproof construction. It comes together with a remote control which integrates a built-in LED screen and has a user-friendly interface, for which it features four different humane training modes including Beep for audible tones, Vibration with 9 levels, Shock with 99 levels, and Boost Shock with an additional 99 levels at 10% higher intensity, along with a long remote range up to 4,200 ft., dual-channel support for controlling two receiver collars and training two dogs at the same time, a long-lasting battery life and support to quick charging.

Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68
Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68

Designed to make dog training simple, safe and effective, this advanced dog electronic collar is a reliable training aid for achieving successful behavior training in dogs.

Here's our in-depth review of the Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68, where we have a closer look at this advanced electronic dog training collar, explain in detail how it is designed to work, and also go over its different functionalities.


Starting with its collar's size, know that this advanced electronic dog training collar is designed to be able to fit dogs of all sizes. The collar measures exactly 24 inches long and can be easily adjusted to fit anywhere from small to medium and even large dogs with neck sizes ranging from 7.8 to 24.4 inches in diameter and weights between 10 to 120 lbs.

Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68
Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68 - Dimensions

The collar also comes with three (x3) sets of electronic prongs of different sizes, including Small, Medium, and Large (particularly equipped with silicone protective covers), which are respectively suitable for small dogs with thin hair, medium-sized dogs with thick coats, and large dogs of breeds that are significantly heavier and stronger.

The Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68 also sports a simple and stylish design and is also built with both your dog's comfort and durability in mind.

Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68
Stylish Design

The collar itself is built of high-quality nylon fabric, which makes it comfortable for your dog to wear without causing any sort of abrasion, itchiness, or discomfort, while the outer shell of the collar's receiver module is built of high-grade TPU plastic, making it both scratch- and shock-resistant. That also goes for the collar's dedicated remote control, which also packs a durable construction, as it's also built of TPU plastic, giving it the same sturdiness.

High-Quality Construction // Comes equipped with a clip-buckle that keeps it secure

Moreover, this electronic dog training collar also comes equipped with a clip-lock buckle that helps keep it secure while your dog is wearing it.

What's more is that this electronic dog training collar is also rated to have an IPX7 Waterproof Rating, meaning your dog can safely wear it while they're in water.

Has an IPX7 Waterproof Rating

Note however that the collar's remote control is not waterproof, so keep that in mind.


We'll now go over how dog owners can pair the Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68 with its included remote control, as well as set it up and utilize its different training modes.

Integrated at the front-center of the collar's receiver module, there's a built-in Power button which dog owners simply have to press and hold for three seconds until its LED light turns on with a Red light color. Then, simply release its Power button and long press until its LED light flashes with a Green light color.

Then, located at the left side of the collar's remote control, there's a Channel button for selecting the collar's particular channel (channel 1 by default for controlling the kit's collar, and channel 2 for controlling a secondary collar after also pairing the remote with it), along with a security lock switch that's used for enabling / disabling the remote's operation as a way to prevent accidental button presses, thus keeping your dog safe at all times.

Integrated right at the top-center of the collar's remote control, there's also a built-in LED screen which displays the currently selected Training Mode, its current setting level and the remote's remaining battery life.

Directly below the remote's LED screen there's also a Vibration button and a Beep button, followed by a Shock button and a Boost Shock button, all of which can be used to select between the collar's four different humane Training Modes.

Lastly, on the right side of the collar's remote control, there's also a Set Level button plus an Increase Level and Decrease Level buttons which are all used to adjust the intensity level of the collar's Vibration, Shock, and Boost Shock modes.

The collar's Beep Mode provides audible tones for training your dog with sound queues. The Vibration Mode provides a quick, yet gentle vibration stimulus that can help teach your dog about unwanted behaviors, for which dog owners are offered 9 vibration levels.

Finally, there's also the collar's Shock Mode, which can have its intensity adjusted within 99 levels, along with a Boost Shock Mode that operates at a 10% higher intensity while also featuring another 99 levels.


As for its wireless connection, know that the collar's remote control features a long connectivity range up to 4,200 ft.

Features a connectivity range up to 4,200 ft. and dual-channel support

Furthermore, its remote control also boasts dual-channel support, meaning you can pair it with a second receiver collar to ultimately control two collars and train two dogs at the same time.


For its power, the collar's receiver module comes equipped with a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that gives dog owners a long-lasting battery life, and the same also goes for the collar's remote control, thus allowing for uninterrupted dog training sessions.

The collar's receiver module is rated to have approximately 35 days of standby time, while its remote control is rated to have around 45 days of standby time.

The collar's receiver module also comes integrated with a set of four (x4) LED battery indicator lights that display its remaining battery life between 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 0% power.

Integrates 4 LED battery indicator lights

Both the collar's receiver module and its remote control also support quick charging, meaning you can charge their batteries in just a couple of hours.

Embedded below we have the company's official video demonstrating how to recharge the collar's module and its remote control by using the dual charging adapter that's included in its package:


All in all, this advanced dog electronic collar can be an efficient training aid for training your dog and teaching them not to have particular unwanted behaviors such as aggressively barking, frenetically digging around your lawn or backyard, running away from home, or even chasing down other pets or wild animals they see.

Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68
Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68

The Jugbow Dog Training Collar DT-68 available in two (x2) different color models: Blue and Orange.

If you're interested in purchasing it, know that each unit is currently discounted from its normal price of $71.55, and is now going for just $54.99 (saves you $16.56).You can order it online either directly from Jugbow's official shopping page, or you can instead get it from Amazon, if you'd prefer.


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