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Make a donation, help the pets!

Cheri Storms

Pet Friendly Services

Shelter pets have a wish list, too!

Number one on that list a spay/neuter surgery so they can be ready for a forever home.

Your donation will go directly to spaying and neutering cats and dogs in shelters and rescues, making them ready to find forever families. You'll help one animal be ready for a new home, and prevent future suffering by addressing overpopulation at the source.

A donation today will help a cat or dog never have to be without a family ever again.

Pet Friendly Services of Indiana was formerly known as Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana (SNSI), which began serving limited-income pet lovers in central Indiana in 1977. The organization expanded over time and now supports the work of rescue groups and shelters across the state.

Pet Friendly Services provides free and discounted surgeries thanks to revenues received from the Pet Friendly license plate, grants, donations, fundraisers, and bequests.  We partner with a network of compassionate and caring veterinarians who perform surgeries at reduced rates so that we can move Indiana to zero kill.


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