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My story: Border Collie rescue saves injured pup

PUPDATE: Biscuit is healing nicely and has found a forever home in Indianapolis! To follow her story, visit

Biscuit was rescued from a puppy mill, then was injured by a car.

By Susan Bennett

Mooresville, Ind.

This is the story of a dog named Biscuit.

Last August my neighbor asked if I would help him out with a rescue situation concerning Border Collies in Bowling Green, Kentucky, for a group called Clancy’s Dream. Located in Seymour, Indiana, Clancy’s Dream rescues, fosters and finds homes for Border Collies.

Seventy-nine dogs had been taken from a puppy mill situation. We took off with an empty horse trailer, met other people in Seymour, and headed to Bowling Green. We brought back 38 puppies and young adult dogs.


Biscuit was already spoken for when we got there and went to a local family. Weeks later, she was found in a field after having been hit by a car. The original owners did not want her back so Animal Control in Bowling Green called Clancy’s Dream founder Kenny Shuck and asked if he would take her.


Biscuit had severe damage on both front legs and has been receiving special

Susan Bennett cuddles Biscuit before surgery.

treatment at a vet near me. I see her almost every week. The decision was made that one leg was not going to get better and needed to be amputated. January 4th was that day. I got to hold her and hug her before she went into surgery at The Horse & Hound Veterinary Clinic in Mooresville, Indiana.


Surgery went well and she now is recovering at Kenny and Elaine Shuck’s place till she gets better. After that she is up for adoption.

Here is Kenny's update: "Biscuit is progressing well and has less pain. She is learning to walk on three legs and is doing well trying to keep up with my dogs. Daily Bandage changes along with pain meds and antibiotics are keeping her well on her way to a normal life. I love this little dog❤️ she is an inspiration to all of us."

If you are interested in giving this sweet girl a forever home, click here:


For more information on this rescue and to follow Biscuit's recovery, go to the Clancy’s Dream Facebook page or visit the website:

To see the story of this rescue operation in August 2023, click here:



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