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My story: The dog who rescued us

By Cris Stout

Huntertown, Indiana

My wife Anna and I adopted a mixed breed named Daisy from a local rescue, Perfect Paws. Perfect Paws got Daisy from the Ft. Wayne Animal Care and Control in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

After the loss of our last dog, my wife wasn't ready to get another dog. But we went to see her, and one look at Daisy and my wife was sold. I knew we are not leaving the rescue without taking this dog with us.

Daisy likes to go on walks and a lot of people in the neighborhood know her because she likes to go up and greet them.

In January 2020 Daisy started therapy dog training but it is on temporary hold because of COVID. She passed the Good Citizenship Test, so today Daisy is an AKC registered Canine Good Citizen.

My wife is a stay-at-home housewife and Daisy has been a great companion, especially during COVID.

I think it was Daisy who rescued us!

For more about Perfect Paws Pet Rescue, click here:


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