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Noah's Animal Hospitals creates fund to aid with pet emergencies

Noah’s Animal Hospitals has created a not-for-profit, charitable organization that will assist clients with emergency veterinary bills. Anna’s Pet Care Fund is an IRS approved, 501c3 and is seeking donations. The fund is named after Dr. R. Michael Thomas’s mother, who passed away in 2005. Dr. R. Michael Thomas is president and owner of Noah's Animal Hospitals, the largest group of locally owned, family operated veterinary clinics in central Indiana.

Anna's Pet Care Fund provides financial assistance to under-served or low-income individuals for emergency animal veterinary care, when their pet might otherwise be relinquished or euthanized for financial reasons. It also aims to provide opportunities to educate and train veterinarians and other pet health professionals.

“Our goal is to ‘fund the gap’ that is keeping someone's pet from receiving urgent or emergency care,” Dr. Thomas said. “Too often, owners are forced to make the decision on whether to put their animal down, or to surrender them to a shelter. We want to try and help in those instances when we can.”

Anna was especially fond of miniature poodles and “loved every cat or dog she ever came in contact with,” said Dr. Thomas. “She was such a huge part in why I became a veterinarian, and why she inspired me to create a fund like this.”

The newly-formed not-for-profit is only collecting tax-deductible donations right now. Once established, an application process will determine how funds will be awarded. Factors such as medical urgency, financial need, funds available and eligibility will be considered. The funds will be used at Noah’s emergency hospitals: Noah’s Animal Hospital & 24-Hour Emergency Clinic in Indianapolis, Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Care in Speedway, and Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Care on Stop 11 Road on Indianapolis’s southside.

To donate to Anna’s Pet Care Fund, visit


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