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Pawscout Tag, 'The Smarter Pet Tag'

Pawscout, Inc. is a software company that offers the perfect solution for adventurous, roaming pets. It’s called the Pawscout Tag, by Pawscout, and it’s an ingenious tracker for your curious pet, worn right on its collar.

The Pawscout Tag is a Bluetooth-enabled smart tag made for cats and dogs, featuring a lightweight but rugged design, and rated with IPX7 water resistance. This customizable nameplate allows users to choose from dozens of designs and add their contact details. It’s powered by CR2032 batteries.

The Pawscout Tag is basically a digital pet tag. This is a Bluetooth-enabled device that does not have GPS capability. All you have to do is attach it to your pet’s collar. After that, while your pet is within 300 feet of you and their Tag’s battery is working, the Pawscout Tag sends out a beacon from its spot that’s capable of traveling up to 300 feet in all directions. Based on the strength of your Bluetooth signal, the Pawscout App provides an estimate about how far away from you your pet is. This estimate is displayed both as a “cone of safety” that changes color and size, as well as numerical distance value (ex: 7 ft away, 236 ft away).

Regarding the Pawscout App, it’s completely free and available both on the App Store and Google Play Store. It relies on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your Pawscout “Smarter Pet Tag”. As said before, in order to be located, your pet must be within 300 feet of you or anyone else that has a portable device with the Pawscout App installed. In case your pet gets found, having a detailed medical profile on the app, accessed by the app, helps pet heroes care for your furry companion until you can be reunited. The Pawscout App relies on Location Services and Bluetooth, which must be enabled on your phone.

In addition to showing you your pet, the Pawscout App features the Coverage Map, Pawscout’s map that shows Pawscout coverage for your state, region, town, or even neighborhood, represented by the color blue. The bigger the blue, the more Pawscouters are around. The app also allows its users to mark their pets as “Lost Pets”. If you mark your pet as lost, you will be notified when they pass within range of anyone with the Pawscout App. A 300-foot range may not sound like much, but many lost pets remain surprisingly close to home – particularly lost cats, who often hide in silence in nearby areas. Not only that, but users can also get help from the Lost Pet Report feature to create a digital lost pet poster that they can share to their Pawscout social feed, as well as everywhere else, like social media for example.

Lastly, if you’re the only one in the neighborhood that has a pet,  you can still improve your pet’s safety. It doesn’t hurt to try and improve your pet’s security. To best protect your pet, you can ask friends, family members, neighbors, and caretakers to install the Pawscout App to ultimately increase your chances of preventing your pet from getting lost. In case someone with the Pawscout App finds your pet, the App will allow them to call your phone number.

If you’re interested in getting your pet (or pets) a Pawscout Tag, “The Smarter Pet Tag” can be found on Pawscout’s website, currently priced at $20. You can get yours here.


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