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Pet ministry brings therapy animals to those who need them

WISH-TV'S Hanna Mordoh with Tawney Roddy, her cat Squinky, and Patty Spitler with Stewie.

Michaela Springer WISH-TV

Each and every week, “Pet Pals TV” shares a fun, interesting, and informative story about our four-legged and furry friend population. Patty Spitler, host of “Pet Pals TV,” recently was joined by Tawney Roddy and Squinky the therapy cat from One PET at a Time.

Tawney shared with Patty the story of Squinky the therapy cat and One PET at a Time’s mission to bring the joy of therapy animals to those who need it most.

Marcus the alpaca brings comfort to a young girl.

“I feel that there’s that human-animal bond, and I just want to be able to bring that to people that it’s not easily accessible to,” Tawney said.

She shared how her love for animals and how animals have helped inspire the mission.

“Just knowing what animals have done for me, you know, and seeing people’s reactions (to animals), but you don’t have access to them because of certain situations,” she said.

She also talked about a hike of Quandary Peak, Colorado, that she and her husband are going on in order to raise awareness and funds to buy a transport van equipped to safely travel with the animals of One PET at a Time.


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