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Pet On Wheels Pet Carrier – Made for Bicycles, Scooters and Motorcycles

Dog owners that do not have access to a family car or personal car might face some barriers when looking to take their four-legged friends with them when leaving their home. They might want to take their dogs to the vet. for a routine checkup or to the park or beach for some nice time together. However, if they have a bike, scooter, or even a motorcycle, they can safely take their furry friend with them on a ride with the Pet On Wheels Pet Carrier.

The POW (Pet On Wheels) Pet Carrier was specifically designed for dogs of smaller breeds and can easily support any small dog that weighs up to 22 Ibs. (10 kg).

With the POW Pet Carrier dog owners can easily carry their tiny furry friends on their bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle. Furthermore, the pet carrier can also be taken on their cars, if they own one and choose to do so. All they have to do is pass the seat belt’s clip through the pet carrier’s handle, clip-on the seat belt’s clip to its lock, and they’re ready to start driving.

The Pet On Wheels Pet Carrier is both safe and comfortable and allows your dog to poke its head out and enjoy the ride, especially when used on two-wheelers. With it, both dogs and their beloved humans can have a much easier access to beaches, parks, or any other outdoor location they decide to visit.

Let’s take a detailed look at this neat pet carrier and see what it’s all about.


The Pet On Wheels Pet Carrier measures 16.53 inches long by 16.53 wide by 14.56 inches tall and weighs exactly 11.46 lbs. The inside part of the the carrier measures 12.2 inches tall.

The pet carrier’s main body is made of Polypropylene. Its inserts are made of PA6 polyamide, its porthole is made of Polycarbonate and its mounting plate is made of PA6 polyamide, which is reinforced with glass fibre (25% of the mounting plate’s composition).

The POW Pet Carrier comes equipped with an Integral Cylinder Lock Mechanism and a sturdy carrying handle. The carrier also features a total volume of 9.24 gallons and can easily support any small dog that weighs up to 22 Ibs. (10 kg).

When it is not being used by their dog, dog owners can store their riding equipment inside it. The pet carrier offers enough storage capacity for a total of two (x 2) jet helmets or one (x 1) full-face helmet.


Inside each package users will find: their POW Pet Carrier case, one Universal Mounting Plate, one Plate Cover with some included mounting screws, an Handrail, washers, screws and self-blocking nuts, a small Inner Leash (to strap your dog and keep him safe and secure inside the box), two medium Straps to fix the POW Pet Carrier case on your two wheeler’s rear seat, an included Inner soft cushion (to keep your dog’s paws and legs comfortable during transport) and a total of two Security Lock Keys for the Pet Carrier’s lock.


Setting up the POW Pet Carrier on a two-wheeled vehicle (bicycles, scooters or motorcycles) is extremely simple. Dog owners can have the pet carrier set up in either direction they’re traveling, meaning the dog’s head will either come out behind their back while driving or in the opposite direction, looking at the traffic behind their two-wheeler.

Installation is super easy. All you have to do is follow the assembly instructions provided by the company. It’s literally just attaching the handrail, washers, screws and self-blocking nuts to the corresponding slots and screwing everything together to get the included universal mounting plate installed, which should take around 5-10 minutes max.

After the mounting plate is installed just use the included two medium Straps to fix the pet carrier case on your two wheeler’s rear seat. As soon as you’re done you’ll have a safe and convenient way of transporting your beloved dog in your two-wheeler ride.

If you’re wondering what types of racks the POW Pet Carrier can be mounted on, be aware that your kit comes with a Universal Plate for mounting the POW carrier, allowing it to fit perfectly on pretty much any existing scooter or motorcycle.

As stated before, the POW Pet Carrier can also be installed in cars, if dog owners own one and choose to do so. All you have to do is pass the seat belt’s clip through the POW Pet Carrier’s handle, clip-on the seat belt’s clip to its lock, and you’re pretty much ready to go.


In case you’re wondering what dog breeds can fit comfortably inside the POW Pet Carrier, here’s a list with all of those dog breeds that perfectly fit inside:

Affenpinscher; Australian Silky Terrier; Australian Terrier; Bichon Frise; Bolognese dog; Border Terrier; Brussels Griffon; Cairn Terriers; Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Chihuahua; Chinese Crested; Coton de Tulear; Dandie Dinmont Terrier; English Toy Terrier; Havanese dog; Jack Russell Terriers; Lhasa Apso; Maltese; Miniature Pinscher; Miniature Poodle; Miniature Schnauzer; Norfolk Terrier; Norwich Terrier; Parson Russell Terrier; Schipperke; Scottish terrier; Sealyham Terrier; Shetland Sheepdog; Shih Tzu; Tibetan Spaniel; Toy poodle; West Highland White Terrier.

If you have a small dog of a different dog breed from the ones listed above then make sure that you contact the company and double check with them if the POW Pet Carrier is suitable for your dog.


The Pet On Wheels Pet Carrier is designed to transport dogs of smaller breeds on two-wheeler vehicles. The carrier is both safe and comfortable, supports any small dog that weighs up to 22 Ibs. (10 kg) and allows your dog to poke its head out and enjoy the ride.

With it you can safely carry your tiny friend on a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle, but you can also bring it on your car if you choose to do so.

At the moment, the official website has a total of seven different color models available: Full Black, Black with Grey Inserts, Red with Black Inserts, White with Green Inserts, White with Orange Inserts, White with Grey Inserts, and Black and White with Grey Inserts.

If you’re interested in buying the Pet On Wheels Pet Carrier, each unit is priced at $299 (no matter what model you decide to go with). You can order yours online right now, directly from POW’s Official USA Website, which you can access by clicking this link. There’s also an European Website for EU residents.


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