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PetChatz HDX Pet Camera & PawCall – Two-Way Audio & Video for You and Your Pet

While each pet owner thinks and acts differently about their pets, they all have one thing in common. They see their furry companions as a part of the family. This means that when you’re away for work, out for your daily workout (whether that’s running outside or going to a gym), you end up feeling bad for leaving your pet home alone, and sometimes even guilty.

But there’s a smart IoT (Internet of Things) solution out there that can easily take that guilt away (or at least a part of it until you get back home). Meet the PetChatz HDX Pet Camera, a video communications device that allows you to chat and interact with your pet from pretty much anywhere.

PetChatz is a Minnesota-based company that is focused on enabling care, from anywhere. The company's patented technology allows pet owners to enjoy a remote connection and multi-sensory interaction with their furry friends anytime, any place. PetChatz is the world's first Digital Daycare system for the home alone pet.

The recently launched third generation, PetChatz HDX, is a Greet & Treat Two-Way Videophone solution that provides a full day of interaction and entertainment for your home-alone pet with no monthly fees included. Let’s see how it works.


The PetChatz HDX Pet Camera is the third and most advanced generation of PetChatz. The HDX Camera weighs 6 lbs and comes equipped with a Power On/Off Led that lets pet owners know when the device is on or off.

The PetChatz HDX Pet Camera also features an integrated Pet-Safe microphone (meaning it can’t be damaged by your pet), a Sound Detector, and a Full-Frequency Speaker (for robust sound), allowing you to talk to your pet everyday while using high-quality audio.

The PetChatz HDX also comes equipped with a Low-Light HD camera (for high-quality video) and a Motion Detector (detects whenever your pet is standing in front of the camera), as well as a Full-Color LCD Display (which is where your pet will watch you during the Two-Way Calls).

Lastly, the PetChatz HDX features a Manual Treat Release button for when you’re home and your pet is craving for one treat from his favorite human. There’s also an integrated Low-Treat LED (warns users when the treat dispenser is low on treats), a Pet-Safe Scent Release (allowing for Calming Aromatherapy) and a Pet-Safe Treat Release (these last two can’t be damaged by your pet either, since both are also built into the device).

The device only takes a couple minutes to install while following the Instructions manual and it’s super simple to set up via it’s App (smarthone and/or computer/laptop).


As said before, the PetChatz HDX Pet Camera is the third generation of PetChatz’s system, making it the most advanced to date. This offers users a new wide-angle 1080p video streaming camera, better/improved low-light video performance (assuming you get home late and the room where your pet is doesn’t have smart lights installed), and a stronger Wi-Fi connectivity that’s compatible with 2.4GHz & 5GHz.

The PetChatz HDX Pet Camera allows pet owners to monitor and interact with their pets via Two-Way Video Chats. This gives pet owners the possibility to remotely dispense treats at any time of the day, play brain games with their pets (with treats as rewards), and start a free smart video recording.

The PetChatz HDX Pet Camera even allows pet owners to enable DOGTV, a scientifically designed dog televison that reduces anxiety and enriches your dog’s life with sights and sounds dogs love.

The device is incredibly simple to use with the help of your smartphone or computer/laptop. Just open the corresponding App on your smartphone or computer, hit the chat button, and you can instantly go into Silent Mode where you can see your pet. Whenever you want to chat with your furry friend, all you have to do is hit the chat button and the PetChatz HDX Camera will start to ring to alert your cat or canine. The two of you can then see each other and “chat”, and you can even press an in-App button to dispense a treat.


While all of these features strengthen the virtual bound between you and your pet in the safety and convenience of your home, the PetChatz brand still has one more feature to offer you. Each day of interaction and entertainment for your home alone pet can become an even more interactive experience when using the PawCall, a device that offers Pet to Parent messaging.

That’s right, Pet to Parent messaging, as in your trained pet presses a big button on a simple device, and you’ll be the one receiving the call. The PawCall is an accessory device that lets your pet initiate a Two-Way Video Chat with the press of a button placed on your household’s floor.

If you’re looking to get the complete experience, you’ll need to pair the PetChatz HDX Pet Camera with the PawCall. Keep in mind that the PawCall accessory is sold separately.


The PetChatz HDX Pet Camera was designed to “connect the disconnected” with its Two-Way Communication, allowing pet owners to easily communicate with their pets that can’t obviously answer a phone or make outgoing calls (except when using the PawCall, as said above). The PetChatz HDX offers pets Full Sensory Immersion, engaging all their senses (smell, sight, taste, hearing, and touch – this last one comes with the PawCall) allowing for a better understanding of the world around them.

If you’re looking to get just the PetChatz HD Pet Camera, each unit is currently priced at $350. You can find it at PetChatz official website, on this page.

However, if you would also like to get the PawCall accessory device for the PetChatz HDX Camera, each unit is currently discount, going for $90 (instead of $100, saving you $10). You can also get the PawCall for the PetChatz HDX at PetChatz’s official website, by clicking here.

Both gadgets are already available for pre-order and both come with a 1-year warranty.


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