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Quirky Pawcet Water Fountain for Dogs – Clean & Fresh Water 24/7

While dogs have a lot of fun drinking from their owners garden water hoses when they’re together outside, it would obviously be better to have something that would allow dogs to drink water in an easier way without ruining both their teeth and the hoses’ somewhat-fragile rubber body. That’s exactly why the Quirky Pawcet was invented.

Its inventor, Tony Lytle, in conjunction with Quirky and Viatek, created a unique and convenient method that provides our four-legged friends with 24/7 fresh drinking water.

The Quirky Pawcet is a cool outdoor water fountain that’s designed to provide fresh, clean water for your dog. With it, your furry friend(s) will always have a source of fresh water while you’re away at work or shopping, and the same goes for when you’re kids are at school.

All pet owners know the ever-present issue of water availability and cleanliness for pets, especially during hot days. However, the Pawcet quickly solves that issue, meaning you’ll never have to worry again about a fresh water source for Fido.

Let’s take a look at the Quirky Pawcet and check everything it has to offer.


The Quirky Pawcet is a small water fountain for dogs that measures 12 inches long by 15 inches wide by 3 inches tall and is lightweight for storage, weighing 1.53 pounds.

The Pawcet was also designed with durability in mind, and so, the device is made of plastic, allowing it to stand up against the summer heat, making it the ultimate water fountain for your pet, who will surely have a blast drinking from it.

As said before, the Quirky Pawcet Water Fountain provides your dog with an easy-to-use source of cool, clean, fresh water, and the best part about it is that it doesn’t require any batteries, electrical cords, or filters to work.

The Pawcet is super easy to install. All you have to do is connect it to a standard garden hose and turn on its water supply.

After that your dog will be able to activate the Pawcet’s water flow by simply pressing its pedal with a paw.

Just remember that you’ll have to train Fido to step on the paddle before he can drink. However, there’s no reason to worry, as training is also extremely easy. Pets can easily learn how to use the Pawcet, and training is a really fast process.

Check out these two example videos embedded below, which is just after 45 minutes of training with this beautiful Boxer (first video) and a proud dog parent having his beloved dog using the dog fountain all by himself (second video).

Thanks to the Pawcet you’ll never have to clean or fill another bowl to place on your backyard, and the same goes for empty or knocked over water bowls that dogs usually experience.

You’ll also no longer have to deal with bringing bowls outside or even worry about dirty water. With this cool water fountain, dogs will always be getting fresh clean water with each drink, which ultimately provides dog owners with some peace of mind.


The Quirky Pawcet is a small, lightweight and durable water fountain for dogs that can be easily connected to a standard garden hose to provide dogs with fresh, clean water.

If you’re interested in buying the Quirky Pawcet, each unit is currently going for $30. You can get yours online, by clicking the shopping link provided below, which is connected to the official shopping page.


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