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Ruffwear Polar Trex Dog Boots – Best Weatherproof Insulated Winter Dog Boots

While Christmas is just around the corner, Winter is still far from over, which means that dogs still need to stay protected from the cold, heavy rain and freezing snow that comes with it. If you and your dog(s) enjoy going out and exploring the outdoors during Winter, it’s important to bring proper gear that matches the terrain conditions. This brings us to the Ruffwear Polar Trex Dog Boots, some of the best weatherproof insulated winter dog boots you’ll ever see.

Ruffwear is a self-funded pet product company that designs dog gear to enhance your outdoor adventures, including trail tested & rugged dog boots (like their Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots), dog coats, dog harnesses, dog life jackets and much, much more.

The Ruffwear Polar Trex winter dog boots are some of the best around (if not the best), and are guaranteed to protect your dog’s paws against the harsh winter elements.

Let’s take a detailed look at what the Polar Trex Dog Boots and see what they have to offer.


The Polar Trex Dog Boots are designed for warmth, traction, and protection against all winter conditions. While these weatherproof insulated winter dog boots are kinda sturdy and feature a strong waterproof build, they’re still super comfortable to wear and will never hurt your dog’s paws.

The Polar Trex are designed with both protection and comfort in mind. Putting the boots on your dog’s paws is extremely easy thanks to their flexible materials that allow an easy on/off sliding of your dog’s paws. The boots feature an insulated upper softshell fabric that makes them breathable while still keeping them full-weatherproof. The boots will always keep your dog’s paws nicely warm when facing the extreme cold and inclement weather.

The boots also feature with a reflective trim to help with visibility whenever you and your dog are exploring the outdoors in low light conditions.

The boots also come equipped with a sturdy, rugged and resilient Vibram outsole that provides great traction on frozen surfaces, allowing your dog to safely move around any slippery spots.

Lastly, these winter dog boots also feature a hook-and-loop cinch closure system that’s combined with hardware, which is protected from the winter elements under a pullover stretch gaiter that keeps snow out and improves retention.

The hook-and-loop closure system can be easily cinched/secured around the narrowest part of your dog’s leg to provide a secure fit. The cinching system is fully waterproof, meaning it will work even if it gets wet while hiking or running through the snow or under the rain. The system is incredibly reliable, as well as super-intuitive to use.


To properly fit the Polar Trex Dog Boots on each of your dog’s paws you should start by unziping the strech gaiter and pulling it down over the boot. This will make it easier to access the boots’ hook-and-loop cinch closure system. After that, open up the boot as wide as you can and slip one of your dog’s paws into it.

After that just pull the strech gaiter back up and zip it up. Make sure that the zipper pull is facing down, since this will lock it and keeps it from unzipping.

As said before, remember to cinch the boot tight and secure it around the narrowest part of your dog’s leg. The boot should fit your dog’s paw with little excess room on each side as well as on both the front and back.

To assure the boot provides your dog with a comfortable fit, check if each boot follows you dog’s paw’s curve, bending at a 45º degree angle where the paw naturally bends.

Furthermore, just as you would do with your own hiking gear, remember to always check on your furry companion’s Polar Trex’s closure system and adjust the fit in case its needed. This should be done right after the first 15 minutes of your activity, as well as at any needed time throughout your outdoors adventure.


Washing the Polar Trex Dog Boots is extremely simple and should only take a couple minutes of work; the biggest part of the process is waiting for the boots to dry. To wash the Polar Trex you just have to secure the fasteners and wash the boots in cold water after choosing a gentle washing cycle.

For your detergent choice, make sure you pick a mild detergent to ensure that the boots’ material doesn’t get ruined. After that, all you need to do is dry them outside (air dry them).


The Ruffwear Polar Trex Dog Boots are some of the best winter dog boots on the market. These offer warmth, traction and protection for your dog’s paws against extreme winter conditions.

Their Vibram outsole provides great traction on frozen surfaces while their closure system and pullover stretch gaiter keep snow out and provide a secure fit. The little reflective trims easily warn others about your dog’s presence when exploring the outdoors under low light conditions.

The Polar Trex Dog Boots are extremely durable and super comfortable, easy to put on your dog’s paws and very easy to wash.

The Polar Trex Dog Boots are currently available in 1 color model only, which is Forest Green. The boots are available in a total of 8 different boot sizes, increasing in small increments of 0.25″. Depending on what your dog’s paw width measures, you can get: 1.50″, 1.75″, 2.00″, 2.25″, 2.50″, 2.75″, 3.00″, and 3.25″.

Remember to measure all paws, as some might slightly differ in size. Whenever you don’t know what size to pick, remember that you should go one size down, mainly because the boots are flexible and can be stretched quite a bit.

If you’re interested in getting the Ruffwear Polar Trex Dog Boots, each pair (One SET of FOUR Boots) is currently going for $100. You can order your pair of weatherproof insulated winter dog boots directly from Ruffwear’s official USA website, which you can access by clicking this link that’ll take you to the corresponding shopping page.


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