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The Blue-9 Balance Harness for Dogs Provides Dogs with Comfort, Freedom of Movement and Flexibility

Dog harnesses are pieces of equipment that consist of straps of webbing that loop nearly around a dog’s torso, which are fastened together using side release buckles.

Dog harnesses disperse pressure over a larger area of their bodies, reducing strain on their necks and backs. Harnesses are designed to discourage pulling. When your dog is wearing a collar and pulls on the leash, he’ll still move forward, making him think that his pulling is successful. Harnesses help you to train your dog, consequently helping your pet to learn a more relaxed behavior when going out for a walk. One company that offers a great Dog Harness is Blue-9 Pet Products, an Iowa-based company that creates quality dog training accessories for canines and their owners.

The Blue-9 Balance Harness for Dogs offers an appropriate fit for your dog. The Balance Harness features a colored strap (The Top Strap) that’s located on the top of the harness, which will go on top of the dog. On the opposite side (bottom of the harness), we can find the Chest Strap, which will go in between your dog’s front legs and rest along the chest area. On the back of the Balance Harness, there’s a bigger loop that’s called the Girth Strap, which goes around your dog’s rib cage. And lastly, on the front of the Balance Harness, there’s a smaller loop that’s called the Neck Loop.

The Blue-9 Balance Harness fits all dogs, no matter their size, all thanks to its unique design that allows you to adjust every strap. The Balance Harness provides your dog with comfort and total freedom of movement, featuring a soft and sturdy webbing, which can come in many different colors. The Balance Harness also offers flexible leash attachments by using its front and back rings (or just one ring), which provide dog owners with a bit better control over their dogs.

The Balance Harness features 6 adjustment points that offer a total customized fit for your dog, providing comfort, complete freedom of movement, and flexible leash attachment options. This includes the adjustable top strap and chest strap, which allows dog owners to fit the girth strap further behind the armpit area, allowing them to prevent chafing. The Balance Harness’ unique design offers you the flexibility of multiple adjustment points to ensure that your dog has a properly fitting harness to ensure comfort, proper movement, and safety.

While the Original version slips over your dog’s head and then connects around the body, Blue-9 Pet Products also has a Buckle-Neck version for dogs that do not like collars or leads slipped over their head, or for dogs that have larger heads than necks. The Blue-9 Balance Harness Buckle-Neck version features a neck strap that makes it easy to fit onto your dog.

The Blue-9 Balance Harness Buckle-Neck version is currently available in eight different colors: Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Sky Blue, Hot Pink, Orange, and Camo. The Slip Over version is currently available in five different colors: Blue, Red, Purple, Sky Blue, and Hot Pink. Both versions can be purchased in 5 different sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Medium/Large, and Large.

If you’re interested in buying the Blue-9 Balance Harness for Dogs, both the Buckle Neck version and the Slip Over version of the Balance Harness are currently going for $40. If you’re looking to get the Buckle Neck version of the Balance Harness, you can find it at Blue-9’s website, by clicking here. However, if you would like to get the Slip Over version of the Balance Harness instead, you can find it on this page.


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