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The Incredible Dr. Pol says kids need pets

Thinking about getting a pet for your young child? Beloved veterinarian and star of National Geographic WILD’s #1 hit series, “The Incredible Dr. Pol," says do it!

I recently had a chance to talk with Dr. Pol and his son, Charles Pol, about the 24th season of "The Incredible Dr. Pol" and the new spin-off, "The Incredible Pol Farm."

While discussing why Charles decided to build a hobby farm, the importance of introducing animals to children at a early age came up and both father and son agreed it plays a key role in development.

Dr. Pol says, "it's very important that kids grow up with animals. Animals teach them empathy and other things that we cannot. And as long as they take care of animals and start loving them, they become better people, really. So when Charles said, hey, let's get some more animals so that my kids can see what it is growing up out in the country, I said, perfect. Let's do it."

As your Kitty Correspondent, it was much to my delight to find out that it is the cats on the farm that are having the greatest impact on Charles's 2-year-old and 4 year old. "It's really rewarding to have the cats on the farm for the kids. One of our barn cats loves coming inside. My son loves feeding it but then she's got to go back outside to do her work. So it's a really great symbiotic relationship to have these barn cats on the farm."

And the cats definitely earn their keep! Charles explains that having cats on the farm is crucial for controlling the mouse and rat population. With open food dishes for birds, mice and rats can become a problem if not kept in check. The barn cats play a vital role in keeping these populations under control. Charles initially had one barn cat, but the mice and rats started to become overwhelming. He now has four barn cats, and they have successfully maintained a balanced ecosystem on the farm.

Whether it's a cat, a dog or building your own farm, the benefits of having animals in your child's life can be a rewarding experience for all.

During our conversation, Dr. Pol reflected on the success of the show sharing behind the scenes stories and touching on the importance of caring for mental health in the veterinary field. Click here for more with Dr. Pol:

Watch the new season of "The Incredible Dr. Pol" and the all new spin-off, immediately followed by “The Incredible Pol Farm.”


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