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This Berner will tuck you in!

A Bernese Mountain Dog named Kitty can make your visit to a Colorado resort more exciting! From

If finding yourself lost in the Colorado wilderness in winter is not what you’d consider a relaxing vacation, would warming up next to a big Bernese Mountain Dog change your mind? Kitty Jacob Astor IV is the furriest resident at the St. Regis Aspen Resort and the first dog to live there. She was born in July 2018, and announced as the St. Regis first brand dog around Christmas. His unique name is inspired by the dog owned by St. Regis founder John Jacob Astor IV, who also had a dog named Kitty in 1904 — an example of the founder’s unique sense of humor. Kitty loves greeting guests and playing with young ones. He will even stop by your suite to tuck you in at night!


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