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Tragedy led determined pooch to become a service dog

After owner passed away, Patch began training with Medical Mutts .

Kelsey Burton

Medical Mutts

In a heartwarming tale that underscores the unbreakable bond between humans and their faithful companions, Medical Mutts Service Dogs announces the graduation of Patch, a remarkable dog who overcame tragedy to find his purpose as a service dog. The graduation recently took place in Fishers, Indiana.

Patch's journey began with tragedy earlier this year when his owner lost her life in a hit-and-run incident. Despite the devastating loss, Patch's loyalty and determination shone through as he returned home unharmed and waited on the porch for his owner. A true testament to the incredible connection between pets and their human companions, Patch's story touched the hearts of many.

Rescue and redemption followed as Patch's story caught the attention of Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control who, recognizing Patch's potential, contacted Medical Mutts Service Dogs. Medical Mutts took him under their care and embarked on a journey of transformation and healing.

Patch's story resonated deeply with our team, and we were committed to providing him with the opportunity to thrive in his new role.

Months of intensive training and unwavering dedication have culminated in Patch's graduation as a fully trained service dog. The journey from tragedy to triumph represents the resilience and hope that can emerge even from the darkest circumstances.

Patch's new family!

Medical Mutts Service Dogs extends its gratitude to the shelter partners, volunteers and supporters who have played a pivotal role in Patch's transformation. Patch's story serves as a reminder that hope can emerge from tragedy and the power of compassion can create brighter futures. We also are grateful to our event sponsors, including the Delaware Township Trustee, Ashley Walters, Tito’s Vodka, Hoosier Beard Alliance, Noah’s Animal Hospitals, Fishers Century Club, Geico, Presto-X, Monarch Strategies, and Rubyloo.

Medical Mutts Service Dogs is a non-profit organization committed to successfully pairing shelter dogs with clients with disabilities. Our mission is to train rescue dogs as service dogs and foster collaboration between dogs and people through research, education, and ethical training. By doing so, we strive to save dogs, assist individuals in need, and promote kindness through our service dog training programs.

To learn more about Medical Mutts and our work, visit our website at


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