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Sooo working among the 2019 sled dog teams I’m already impressed on numerous levels by these incredible athletes. Olympic talent, move over Lebron... truly furry champions who have now forever won my heart! These pups love their outlet for energy as well as thrive off of the bonds with their persons. The sled dog according to Brian Alexander at Outside Magazine, “are as good as it gets when it comes to animal athleticism.” Today’s pups can only showcase their potentials and personalities until I greet them along the trail checkpoints but ... wow. Did you know that sled dogs tirelessly cover over 100 miles a day... for over a week?! These personable and prepared “picks of the litter” are playful and handled vetting evaluations like nothing. Not sure which would be my favorite but as we meet more and more... my heart and respect belong to each! More soon... and much kudos to the mushers both pros & novices for taking on this racing challenge and tending to these teams as we head into “the last great race on earth!” Learning the gees and haws and more on racing which Ill share next!

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