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VIDEO: Huge dog and cat food donation to help local animals in need thanks to Grateful Rescue

Patty Spitler, the host of “Pet Pals TV,” was joined by Pamela Terhune, owner and founder of Grateful Rescue & Sanctuary based in Muncie.

Grateful Rescue & Sanctuary serves the entire state of Indiana by helping abused and abandoned animals, providing stress-free environments until they find a forever home.

Terhune shares with News 8 the rescue’s mission, as well as the various services they offer to the community.

“We’re a little different from other shelters. We train (all our dogs), our puppies, too. We also have community services, we keep animals if someone is having an operation or military deployment. We do pets for veterans and hospice and nursing home visits. We have a reading program with children where the dogs get to read, too,” Terhune said.

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