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Wayzn Automatic Sliding Pet Door Opener – Smartphone-Enabled Door Opener

All dog owners with tall backyard fences/walls know just how inconvenient it can be to have to stop focusing on the task at hand (working, house chores, etc.) just to go open their backyard access door to let their dogs out the house for some quick exercise. However, you can put a stop to that inconvenience by using something like the Wayzn Automatic Sliding Pet Door Opener.

The Wayzn is a small Smartphone- and App-enabled device that converts your sliding backdoor into a secure App Controlled Pet Door.

This means that even if you are not home – whether you’re at work, at the gym, or going for a quick groceries shopping – the Wayzn puts the power of using the sliding door into your hands, or even into the paws of your pets.

Let’s take a detailed look at the device, see how it works, and check all of its cool features.


The Wayzn is an extremely small device, working as an easy Smartphone- and App-enabled solution that allows you to forever say goodbye to ugly permanent pet doors – the ones that you need to integrate in your actual door.

The system works with any standard sliding glass door and can be installed in minutes with three easy steps. Thanks to its Frame/Door Adapters and adhesives it can also be easily removed and moved from door-to-door – if you choose to do so.

With the Wayzn installed in your sliding door you’ll never have to hire a Pet Sitter again to have your dog(s) exercise on your backyard when he (or they) feels (feel) like it while you’re not home.

The same goes for constant interruptions when you’re actually home trying to focus on some important office work or house chores, having to stop what’s at hand just to open the door to let Fido outside for a bit.

And the same goes for doggy accidents too. The Wayzn also comes equipped with motion detection sensors, letting you know on your Smartphone (via a push notification) whenever your dog(s) is (are) at the door, waiting for it to open.

The Wayzn can be set to automatically open when it detects movement (we’ll discuss this later ahead in the Features Section).

The system can also be fully integrated with other smart systems, including IoT systems like smart speakers, smart cameras, smart dog collar tags and other sensors (with even more smart features coming in the future – according to the company).

The best part about the Wayzn is that it is perfect for pets of all ages and sizes. It’s safe, affordable and super-secure.


Inside each package users will find: one Wayzn Automatic Door Opener, an included Power Adapter, some Frame/Door Adapters with Adhesive Tape (for an easy installation) and some Quick Start Instructions.


Installing the Wayzn is super simple and should take you no more than three minutes. The Wayzn is exactly the opposite of traditional pet doors, which not only are ugly, but also cause permanent damage to your doors and are a serious security hazard.

Only using Smart Microchip-Enabled Pet Doors can actually keep your house safe and locked from other animals that aren’t your pets from coming in for a quick exploration.

When installing/integrating the Wazy in your sliding doors you’ll have no damage at all, and you’ll also have absolutely no need to pay for professional installation since the Wayzn is extremely simple to install.



Motion Activated

As stated before, the Wayzn comes equipped with motion sensors that can detect when your pet needs to go out.

Dog owners can choose to get a smartphone push notification and set the Wayzn to open the door, or simply configure the Wayzn to automatically open and close the door as needed (when motion is detected).

IoT Integrated

The Wayzn can also be integrated with many different IoT systems for hands-free door control, including smart speakers, smart cameras, smart dog collar tags and many other sensors.

Since Wayzn works with smart speakers, this means you can also use voice commands when your hands are too busy, which are easily recognizable by some Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Nest.

App Controlled

Since it can be integrated with IoT systems, this also expands the use-cases for its App.

Whenever you’re away from home, just use the Wayzn Smartphone App and any Internet camera to view the area and operate your door after receiving a motion alert.


While the Wayzn can act as a secure lock for your door, allowing it to keep your home protected, the Wayzn can also be effortlessly folded up and out of the way when you or your family are not using it.

Whenever you’re ready to use it again, you just have to fold it down and it will be once again ready to work as a smart door opener for both you, your family and your pet(s).


The Wayzn is a small Smartphone- and App-enabled device that converts your sliding backdoor into a secure App Controlled Pet Door, featuring many IoT integrations, motion detection and a convenient folding system.

This Automatic Sliding Pet Door Opener is a great alternative to traditional pet doors, meaning you don’t have to damage your door in the process (with extra-damage coming with time), which also turns it into a serious security hazard.

The system is also incredibly easy to install, which will save you some money in the process since you won’t need to hire a professional to install it for you.

If you're interested in buying it, each unit is currently priced at $400 total. You can order yours online right now at Wayzn’s official website, which you can access by clicking here.


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