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Well, Hello Dolly!


Heading into the New Year, it's a time for celebration and reflection.

At Pet Pals TV we wanted to share our most amazing show with you . . . featuring an “exclusive” one-on-one interview with the iconic Dolly Parton.

I had the extreme honor to be called to Nashville, Tenn. for an early morning chat with Dolly in her studio. Now, it j

Just so happens she is a huge pet lover . . . BINGO!

Dolly talks to me about a small white dog who was left behind after an outdoor concert she headlined in England. You'll hear her heartwarming story, and it shines a light on the tender soul of Dolly you won't find anywhere else. Dolly also talks about her life, her legacy and her future plans.

There's no stopping this whirlwind of talent and energy.

So make sure you enjoy Dolly Parton, dog lover -- it's a “mutt’-see TV special !!!


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