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Woman finds her lost kitty on Facebook!

Noodles found some new companions in her new owner's horses.

We all love lost pet stories with happy endings. Here's a good one that shows how social media can help reunite people with their pets! Here's a great story posted recently on

In December 2021, after her cat Noodles had been gone for three years, an Iowa woman named Ann Kandis spotted her long-lost tabby on Facebook.

In 2018, she had posted on social media and put up flyers looking for Noodles. Her post on the Quad City Area Lost and Found Pets site, she included several photos of the cat and revealed that Noodles had apparently jumped into her father's car as he was leaving, only to bolt when her father heard a noise and opened the trunk to check it out.

On Christmas Eve 2021, Kandis found him after her brother-in-law happened to mention a woman who loves horses as much as Kandis does and who also owns a horse trailer just like hers. Kandis looked her up online and found that her daughter and the woman's daughter had shown horses together.

And there he was: a photo of Noodles mugging with one of the woman's horses!

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