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Border collie rescue: Kenny's story

Kenny Shuck, founder of Clancy's Dream Rescue.

My name is Kenny Shuck. I retired as a homicide detective when I was 43 and went to work for a great friend of mine who is a veterinarian. Five years later, my wife and I built a home in Brown County Indiana. One project we got into was raising border collies for nearly 12 years. Through those years, we helped the breed in the background by taking care of dogs that needed help.

In 2013, we stopped breeding and opened Clancy's Dream Border Collie Rescue. We wanted to be part of the solution and not the problem of too many unwanted dogs. We have worked directly with shutting down three puppy mills, two in Indiana and one in Tennessee. I have testified at puppy mills hearings for local counties and testified at the State House last year in support of animal legislation.

Presently my passion is our border collie rescue, Clancy's Dream, headquartered in Brown County, We cover nearly everything east of the Mississippi River and everything north of the southern Tennessee line. For info, click here:

This Journey changed my life. I wrote a four-part story nearly 10 years ago. Please take a look:


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