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Brklz Jewelry for Dogs – It’s a thing now!

If you’re looking for some fashionable pet apparel, take a look at brklz jewelry for dogs. Brklz is an e-commerce brand of Pet Apparel that produces collections of fashionable jewelry for dog owners looking to create a one-of-a-kind collar for their dogs. The company is headquartered in New Jersey and has been creating pet apparel since 2017.


The brklz team started making brklz jewelry for dogs to celebrate the love between humans and dogs. “Entirely necessary; because cute.” Brklz makes its brklz dog accessories to bring high fashion to our furry best friends. So, it’s time to turn our heads and show the world how much we love our ball of fluff.

Brklz offers all sort of Pet Apparel products. There’s a brklz dog collar and dog leash, many different dog food mats with funny short sentences, and all brklz’s jewelry for dogs, including Letterz (Doggy Pendants with Initials), Icons (Doggy Pendants made with hundreds of tiny Swarovski Glass Crystals), Personalised Name Plates, and Swarovski Doggy Pendants (Doggy Pendants w/ a large Swarovski Glass Crystal).

The brklz brand gives a whole new meaning to jewelry for dogs. The company has all sorts of trendy pet charms and sparkly pendants that can be easily attached to a special clip for your doggie’s collar. Described as cute yet functional, each charm clip is specifically engineered to make it easy to attach and remain securely connected to a collar or harness.

So, get your coffee mug ready, because you’re about to spend hours looking at brklz Jewelry for dogs. Let’s take a detailed look at each product.

brklz PRODUCT REVIEWS (All Products)

brklz Dog Collar

The brklz collar is the ultimate collar for your pup’s brklz jewelry. This dog collar is made of BioThane, meaning its waterproof, stain resistant, and durable, as well as incredibly easy to clean. This makes it perfect for any weather, which means you and your dog can go out for a walk at any time while looking incredibly stylish!

The best part is that it fits all dogs perfectly. The brklz dog collar is available in 4 different sizes: Extra Small (8.2”/21cm – 11.4”/29cm), Small (10”/26cm – 15”/38cm), Medium (11.8”/30cm – 16.5”/42cm), Large (15.75”/40cm – 19.7”/50cm).

Keep in mind that the Extra Small size comes without metal eyelets.

The brklz dog collar currently comes in 7 different colors (but some might be sold out), including: Light Blue, Black, Grey, Light Pink, Bright Pink, Dark Turquoise, and Pale Violet Red (Dark Pink). Every now and then there are new colors available, so it’s worth to keep checking, or maybe even get in touch with the company to get your dog’s favorite color. All collars feature a zinc dye cast and a matte black finish.

No matter what color you go with, each brklz dog collar is currently priced at $29. If you’re interested in getting one, you can find them at brklz’s dog collars shopping page, by clicking here.

brklz Dog Leash

With the brklz dog leash you can help your pup have the total look since brklz’s dog leashes match perfectly with the brklz collars.

Just like brklz’s dog collars, the dog leashes are also made of BioThane, proving to be 100% waterproof, stain resistant, and durable, and once again, also incredibly easy to clean. This makes all of brklz’s dog leashes perfect for any weather, allowing you and your dog to go for a walk at any time of the day while showing-off your new doggy apparel!

The brklz dog leash is only available in 2 different sizes: Extra Small/Small (39” long (100cm) by 5/8” wide (1.6cm)), and Medium/Large (47” long (120cm) by 3/4” wide (1.9cm)).

The brklz dog leash is currently available 5 different colors, including: Pale Violet Red (Dark Pink), Dark Turquoise, Black, Light Pink, and Light Blue.

Keep in mind that some colors might be sold out., but just like the dog collars, sometimes there might be new colors available, so it’s worth to keep checking or get in touch with the company to get your dog’s favorite color. Like the collars, all leashes feature a zinc dye cast and a matte black finish.

No matter what color you choose to go with, each brklz dog leash is currently going for $29. If you’re interested in getting one, clicking here will take you to brklz’s dog leashes shopping page.

brklz Dog Food Mats

All of brklz’s dog food mats are made of soft PVC (plastic polymer, also known as Polyvinyl chloride), meaning these are made of a flexible material that completely protects your flooring against dog food stains. This also means that they are extremely easy to clean.

While these are easy to clean by using a warm cloth and warm water, there’s something else you should know. It is extremely important that you DO NOT use bleach or any other harsh cleaning material, or you’ll cause the material to slowly degrade and ruin your sweet looking dog food mat.

All of brklz’s food mats are extremely funny, looking super cute and cheerful. These little dog food mats are colorful and each one features a different funny, short settence or a couple of funny words. Here are a couple of examples: “Don’t Touch My Food!”; “Scary Delicious”; “I Only Eat Gourmet Food”; and “Treats Only”.

There are many more variants available, starting from minimalist ones all the way to an eclectic look, so you’ll have to browser through all of them to find out which ones is your favorite. With a large variety of designs to go with the interior design of your home, the sky is the limit.

Brklz’s food mats are available in 3 different shapes/sizes: Rectangle (22″X14″/56X36cm), Half Circle (24″X12″/61X31cm), and Hexagon (25″X15″/64X39cm).

All of brklz’s dog food mats cost the same. Each brklz food mat is priced at $24. You can get yours by clicking this link, which will take you to brklz’s dog food mats shopping page.

brklz Letterz Collection (Doggy Pendants with Initials)

Brklz’s Letterz Collection of Jewelry for Dogs literally allows you to choose whatever letter (A-Z) matches your pup’s initial. The pendants come attached to a clip (special clip for your doggie’s collar) by two jump rings. The clips, pendant (the letter initial) and jump rings are all made of stainless steel. These are all high-quality brass parts that are built to last.

You can choose between 4 different colors, and you can apply those colors to either (or both) the charm and the clip, allowing you to have tons of different cool-looking combinations. The available platting types/colors are: 24K Gold, Rose Gold, Black Gun Metal, and Matt Rhodium (Grey). Other than the color, you can choose from 2 different styles: Perfect Metal Letter, and Metal Love Letter.

Both styles are available in the same 3 different sizes (regarding the letter’s/charm’s height): Tiny (0.98″/2.5cm), Small (1.18″/3.5cm), and Large (1.77″/5cm).

Doggy owners can also choose to have an extra charm (made of brass) and/or a doggy nameplate (seen on these last two pictures embedded below) attached to the clip.

All of brklz’s Letterz doggy pendants are priced at $35 each. As said before, you have the option to get them with one extra charm (costs $5), and/or add one name tag (costs $8). If you’re interested in ordering your customized brklz Letterz doggy pendant, you can do so by clicking this link, which will take you to the corresponding page.

brklz Icons Collection (Doggy Pendants with tiny Swarovski Glass Crystals)

Brklz’s Icons Collection of Jewelry for Dogs bring the same stainless-steel clip and jump rings with a small icon attached as a pendant. The icons (pendants) are made of brass/Swarovski fabric, proving to be durable and looking super-funny.

There are 8 different icons to choose from, and depending on which one you pick, you’ll have at least 1 of 4 possible colors to apply to both the clip and icon’s border. Once again, you’ll have the same available platting types: 24K Gold, Rose Gold, Black Gun Metal, and Matt Rhodium (Grey).

All the Icon doggy pendants are only available in two different sizes: Tiny (0.98″/2.5cm), and Large (1.77″/5cm).

All of brklz’s Icons doggy pendants are priced at $49 each. Once again, doggy owners can apply one extra doggy nameplate to these, costing 8$(just a nameplate, not an extra charm).

If you want to order your brklz Icon doggy pendant, clicking this link will take you to the corresponding page, and if it’s sold out, you’ll have the option to subscribe with your email to get notified once it’s available.

brklz Nameplates Collection of Jewelry for Dogs

Brklz’s Nameplates Collection of doggy pendants features the same stainless-steel clip and jump rings found in the previously mentioned collections. All the pendants are made of brass and feature your dog’s name directly engraved on them. These are probably the strongest of all collections, feeling bulky/sturdy, which makes them extremely durable, but they also look amazing. Simple looking, but beautiful.

Dog parents can choose from 4 different nameplate pendant styles: there’s a Heart shaped pendant, a Large Rectangle pendant, a Small Rectangle pendant, or a Name Chain (with a center nameplate). Color choices for the clips are once again available from at least one 1 of 4 possible platting types (depends on which shape you pick): 24K Gold, Rose Gold, Black Gun Metal, and Matt Rhodium (Grey).

Both the Heart and Large Rectangle pendants come in 2 different sizes (pendant height): Small (1.34″/3.4cm), or Large (1.65″/4.2cm). The Small Rectangle pendant is available in 2 other different sizes: Tiny/Small (1.4″/37mm tall by 0.47″/12mm wide), or Large (1.77″/45mm tall by 0.55″/14mm wide). Lastly, the Name Chain doggy jewelry comes in a single, standard size.

The Heart shaped and Large Rectangle pendants are priced at $45 each, the Small Rectangle pendant goes for $39 per piece, and the Name Chain pendant will cost you $55 each. In this case, doggy owners can apply one extra charm, which will cost $5. If you want to order your brklz Nameplate doggy pendant, click this link to access brklz’s Nameplates Collection page.

brklz Swarovski Collection (Dog Pendants w/ large Swarovski Glass Crystal)

Brklz’s Swarovski Glass Crystals doggy pendants all feature the same clips (made of stainless steel) found in the other collections (Letterz/Icons/Nameplates Collections), and the pendants that come with them are made of a single, large Swarovski glass crystal.

These are also high-quality, but obviously not as durable as the other collections, mainly if you’re not careful with them, since this is still glass you’re dealing with, and not just solid brass. However, it’s also not a cheap glass type of material that will break at the first touch. So, just make sure you get it for a less energetic dog, and not a giant that loves to jump around all day long.

These kinda remind you of a lucky charm when you look at them, and they look extremely cool. They come in very appealing color combinations that are simply beautiful and hypnotizing.

There are a ton of different Swarovski doggy pendants to choose from. For the clips’ colors, there’s only 1 out of 4 possible platting types per Swarovski pendant, and will depend exclusively on which pendant you choose to go with. Clip colors are the same as the other collections: 24K Gold, Rose Gold, Black Gun Metal, and Matt Rhodium (Grey).

The brklz Swarovski pendants come in a single size (regarding the pendant’s height): Small/Large (1.49″/3.8cm).

If you’re looking to get one of these beatiful brklz Swarovski pendants, they’re priced between $49-$69, depending on which one you pick. All of these look extremely cool, so make sure you pick the one(s) you love the most. This link here will take you to the brklz Swarovski pendants shopping page.


All of brklz’s dog products and dog apparel are simply amazing. Their dog collars and leashes are comfortable, durable, and weatherproof, and their jewelry for dogs is extremely cute and fully functional. All pendants are lovely to look at and give your dog a stylish, fashionable look.

Clicking this link will allow you to check the many different looks the brand (brklz) has to offer. Since the company is based on the US, brklz offers free US shipping and free US returns.


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