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Dog & Ferret Are Besties!

We'll tag along with reporter/photographer Adam Dunn who shows us a sweet German Shepherd dog and his BFF, a ferret! It's an inter-species friendship that defies all the rules.

Come along with me to the studio where the most famous cat in the world lives with his “creator.” Jim Davis is the cartoonist who breathes life and humor into Garfield the Cat. What's the inspiration for this universally loved kitty?

What does the term “non-allergenic dog” mean? Is there such a thing? Tom Dock from Noah's Animal Hospitals explains about allergies and pets and sheds light on this hot topic.

Meet a woman who volunteers her time and talents into producing pet photographs that get shelter animals terrific new homes. Reporter Caroline Thau profiles this woman who believes if you show a critter in a positive light, the chances of that animal being adopted rise considerably.

Smile and say cheese . . . or, in this case, maybe “Catnip”?!


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