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Doris Day was animal advocate

Doris Day devoted decades to helping animals after leaving show business in the '70s.

We remember Doris Day as an actress and singer on TV and in movies, but her real passion was for animals. Along with several other people in entertainment, Doris started Actors and Others for Animals in 1971, a group that is still going strong, Later, she developed the Doris Day Animal League. Doris passed away May 13 of complications from pneumonia. Here is a tribute from Actors and Others for Animals:

We want to express our deepest sympathies on the passing of Doris Day at the age of 97.

A true entertainment icon, her music and movies brought enjoyment to many generations.  But we also remember her as a dynamic advocate for the care and protection of animals who was a founding member of Actors and Others over 48 years ago.

And most recently, her wonderful foundation, the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF), provided us with funding to help seniors with their emergency medical issues, recognizing the great need for such intervention.  Her concern and compassion for animals was a life-long commitment.  We send our best wishes to her family and all at the Doris Day Animal Foundation.  We have lost a great lady, but her movies will always be there for us to visit and enjoy.


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