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Help the animals and see the eclipse!

Stacy Jenkins 


Two years ago, my husband and I bought an additional seven acres to expand our Jenkins Forever Farm sanctuary and provide a new six-acre pasture for our 11 alpacas and six sheep, and a one-acre pasture with a beautiful pond for our 42 ducks and 11 geese. 


Jenkins Forever Farm is an animal sanctuary that provides rescue, care, love and a forever home to farmed and exotic animals. It is home to over 100 residents including cows, alpacas, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, ferrets, iguanas and barn cats. 


Unfortunately, we’ll be making payments on the property for another eight years, so we haven’t had the funds needed to develop the land with a new water well, power, fencing and barns. We need to raise approximately $50,000 to make that happen so we're hosting an event April 8, 2024, with optional camping for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse. 

We’re located in Edinburgh, Indiana near the center of the best viewing area in the state, so we’re hoping to draw a large crowd. 



Hope you will join us, and thank you for donating to our wonderful animals at Jenkins Forever Farm!

Pet Pals TV photo



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