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Price reduced for Patty's book!

What did Patty think of Sylvester Stallone and George Burns? Find out in her autobiography!

Looking for a good book to read or a gift for someone else? How about Patty Spitler’s book, “The Dog Who Saved My Life”?

OK, I’m just a little fond of this book since Patty and I worked on it together as a Covid project. We poured through piles of photos and other memorabilia from

Patty’s nearly 50 years in the broadcasting business (thank goodness her mom was a “saver”) and talked about her life for many hours to come up with her story. At the center is her love for animals and critters of all kinds, particularly Louie, the Bernese Mountain Dog who gave her a new lease on life after years of depression.

The book follows her life growing up as a shy kid in Dayton, Ohio, finding her passion as a radio DJ and, later, a TV personality. She spent 23 years as a news anchor/entertainment reporter for WISH-TV and currently is host/reporter/producer for Pet Pals TV and Great Day TV with Patty Spitler.

Here are some endorsements:

Patty’s story is so empowering. Her broadcast career, battle with hearing loss and her love of Louie will warm your heart and motivate you to take charge of your own life no matter what obstacles may be in your way.

Debby Knox, CBS4 News Anchor

Patty Spitler’s autobiography, reminds me of just why I chose to work in the veterinary profession. Patty’s description about how her Bernese Mountain Dog pulled her out of the depths of despair speaks to all pet owners who have experienced this sort of unconditional love. Reading about Patty’s passion for all pets keeps me focused on my mission of making life better for pets and their people!

Tom Dock, Noah's Animal Hospitals

I found the book both entertaining and full of surprises even though I’ve known and worked with Patty for over 30 years. It’s a great read.

Steve Sweitzer, former Chief Photographer at WISH-TV

This popular broadcaster recalls a life of triumph and adversity in a candid book that has a large dose of humor. You will love her intriguing chapter about interviewing celebrities and what she thinks of them!

Leslie Olsen, former WISH-TV News Reporter

The book is in full color and contains 68 photos, many of them celebrities she interviewed over the years. It’s an easy read that shows Patty’s great sense of humor.

The price of the book has been reduced to $18, which includes shipping. And Patty signs every single book!

To order through PayPal, click here:

If you’d rather pay by check or money order, send an email to me for info:

Patty’s book will make a great gift for you or someone else!


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