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I'm Mink! Adopt me!

Mink is a playful FeLV kitty looking for his forever home.

Mink is a delightful and lively companion seeking a loving home! He is about a year old and is a beautiful and soft black kitty with a white spot on his chest.

Despite being FeLV+, Mink is in tip-top shape and overflowing with affection. He adores playtime, cuddles and gets along famously with both dogs and cats. Whether he's charming you with his playful antics, engaging you in heartfelt conversations about his day or snuggling up on your lap, Mink is sure to steal your heart.

Mink can thrive in a household of his own or with other FeLV+ feline friends. Thanks to the latest, more effective FeLV vaccine advancement from Merck, Mink is being fostered in a house with vaccinated, non-FeLV cats. However, until Mink finds a new home his foster mom can not foster kittens and kitten season is coming fast.

Mink is neutered, up to date on vaccines and microchipped.

Let's rewrite the narrative for our FeLV+ friends. Together, we can ensure they find the loving homes they deserve, based on compassion and science, rather than outdated misconceptions. Give Mink the chance he deserves to bring joy and companionship into your life!

Right now he's being fostered through the Paws On My Heart rescue. You can check him out here:

If you think you'd like to meet Mink, click here:

To read more about FeLV, check out this blog on the Pat Pals TV website: Understanding Feline Leukemia (FeLV) in cats: Dispelling myths and providing hope


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