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Kitty with the cutest smile comes to KJ's backyard looking for home!

UPDATE: Dora has been adopted and is in the best forever home ever!!!

Meet Dora! She started exploring my backyard in early October and now she's looking for a forever home!

After spending the last month stressed over how we were going to help this sweetie when she showed up at our door (and crying because I couldn't do more), I am so grateful to Indy Neighborhood Cats and IndyHumane for helping me help her. Now she needs you.

Check out the video of Dora and learn more about adopting OR fostering this holiday season:

As you may know if you follow me on Facebook, our House of Cats has been in a lot of turmoil over the last 6 months between loss, stress and sickness. When this little girl (and she is petite!) showed up on our door begging for help, it didn't matter that the timing wasn't ideal. We were going to help.

I immediately reached out to Indy Neighborhood Cats for guidance. They were amazing -as I know they are every day -but now they were helping ME & I was even more amazed and grateful.

We have tried since early October to find her owner with no luck. I cried every time she came up to me as she learned I was a safe human and she so needed one. I cried because I couldn't just bring her in and say "Stay with us." All of this at the same time we're still mourning Jayna & Rhodey and crying over sick Grayson, sick Melody and an overly stressed Amelia, Malcolm and Johnny Storm.

I was assured so many times by Dawn at Indy Neighborhood Cats that we were serving her in the best way we could. The emotional support along was as needed and appreciated as much as the guidance and plan of action.

An appointment was set up for a spay if needed & medical care. With no owner coming forward, we were hopeful she maybe could be an outdoor cat. We could do that much for her.

Sweet Dora didn't show up on spay day. I thought maybe she'd found her home. I hoped.

She did not.

She came back. And this time, more stressed, scared, and definitely in need of immediate care. Indy Neighborhood Cats went into action. IndyHumane stepped up when they got the call. Dora was going to be safe. I cried with relief.

My heart has been hurting knowing that coming in our house was not an option for our cats or for her.

But now there is an option for her! Dora is now officially available for adoption through IndyHumane! I am so attached to her and so hopeful that maybe YOU reading this are her forever human. Maybe she came to me because she was meant to love you. Wouldn't that be a beautiful, happy ever after for Dora?

ABOUT DORA: She is absolutely delightful. She will get in your lap and roll for attention. She likes chin scratches and will get on her hind legs when she wants more attention. She was very interested in our cats despite them not being interested in her. After LONG sessions of petting, she does let you know she's done with a little hiss but nothing aggressive whatsoever. She'll make a fabulous pet for an experienced cat owner.

HOW TO ADOPT: Go to to adopt Dora or stop by during their hours to meet her (and take her to explore your home forever!)


Click here to request support if you have a stray, sick or injured cat in your neighborhood.

Click here to learn how to get FREE winter shelters to help your community cats.


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