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Low-cost surgery center aims to help more pets in need!

Shetland Sheepdog waiting in veterinary lobby
I hate waiting rooms!

One of the worst feelings in the world for veterinary staff is when we know a pet can be helped back to a normal life with surgery, but the finances of the pet's family keep them from pursuing that option. Sadly, the beloved pet is either given up to an overwhelmed shelter/rescue system or the pet is euthanized. This problem is more widespread than you might think . . . according to the Synchrony Bank Lifetime of Care Study, one in three pet owners will face an unexpected pet related expense that will cause financial worry. Additionally, 25 percent of pet owners state that an unexpected expense of $250 is enough to be stressful.

When this is coupled with the challenges of trying to find and schedule appointments with veterinary specialists, the issue can get more worrisome. According to the AVMA, there are approximately 900 board-certified veterinary surgeons in the United States . . . that's just one veterinary surgeon for every 75,000 dogs. So, even if you choose to use a specialist, there may be a wait for your pet to receive surgery. So, what's the answer that not only helps pets to get seen quickly, but also doesn't cause financial woes to the family?

Dr. Mike Thomas, president and owner of the Noah's Animal Hospital family has once again found a way to put the needs of the pet and the pet's family first. You might remember Dr. Thomas' incredible development of Anna's Pet Care Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to covering the gap in care that often happens during the late night hours at veterinary emergency hospitals. With his commitment to the pets of Central Indiana, the Noah's Family of animal hospitals also works with more than 60 rescues and shelters in the area so that we can keep more pets with their family and out of the shelter system.

Modern veterinary clinic lobby
Modern veterinary clinic lobby

This year, Dr. Thomas and the team at Noah's has opened All Pet Low Cost Surgery Center and the response from the community has been tremendous!! This new surgery hospital will operate on an out-patient basis (pets are not kept overnight), but will offer an option when pet families are unable to financially afford the care at a specialist OR if the surgery is of a more urgent nature. It is located at 3825 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46241.

Working with experienced veterinarians and veterinary staff, the All Pet Low Cost Surgery Center can provide assistance with many orthopedic surgeries, such as fracture repairs, amputations, and even torn cruciate ligament repairs. Additionally, soft tissue surgeries, such as mass removals, removal of the spleen (splenectomy), removal of bladder stones (cystotomy), or foreign body retrieval are available. The best part is that the surgery can often get done in a timely manner at a cost that works for the family! Kudos to Dr. Thomas and the Noah's team for continuing to find ways to help ALL the pets in our community! #PetPalsTV, #CVJ, #CertifiedVeterinaryJournalist, #dogs, #cats, #petsurgery


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