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Meet spunky Harry on Pet Pals TV

Patty gets a pup, Stewie gets a pal!

The couch is a great place for cuddles and watching TV!

There's a happy little dog running around the yard in Patty Spitler's Indianapolis home. His name is Harry and he hit the adoption jackpot with the host of Pet Pals TV!

Harry, a 15-pound bundle of energy and cuteness, came to Patty through Grateful Rescue and Sanctuary in Muncie, where Grateful president and friend Pamela Terhune pulled him from Muncie Animal Control. He is believed to be a Maltese/Westie mix, and a future DNA test will confirm that.

Harry's age is a bit of a mystery. His Muncie vet guessed him at 4-6 years, and his Indianapolis vet at Noah's Animal Hospitals thinks he might be 6-8.

Patty lost her scruffy Schnauzer mix, Mabel, earlier this year. Since then, Stewie has been kind of mopey, and Patty thought he might be depressed from the loss of Mabel. She felt that maybe a new younger dog might help Stewie perk up. The Bernese Mountain Dog just turned 8 and is a senior for his breed.

"Harry doesn't replace our sweet, wonderful Mabel who we lost on Jan. 16, 2023. We all miss her every single day," says Patty. "But Harry seems to be the perfect fit for our household. The cats are accepting him and Stewie loves having a buddy to go out and play with -- and pee with! What more could you ask for?"

Harry was brought to the house for a two-week trial to be sure he was a good fit for the home. Stewie took to him right away, and kitties Timber and Freddy took a few days to get used to a rambunctious playmate. Now they're all bonded and back into their routines.

You can find out more about Harry on Saturday, Oct. 7, on Pet Pals TV, 10:30 a.m. on WISH-TV and WHMB40, or stream it live on The show will be repeated at the same time on Oct. 14.

Visit for info on other pets available.

Welcome home, Harry! We're just wild about you!

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