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My story: Blind pit bull is sweet and loving

Karen Sauer found Creed as a stray.

By Karen Sauer Noblesville, Indiana

A few months ago I rescued a dog from the middle of the road. He was suffering from heat stroke and a bad case of cataracts. When I could not find the owner, friends asked if they could have him.

They told me they were treating his eyes and saving up for surgery. I kept checking in. Then one day I asked how he was doing and I am told he got off the leash and they couldn't find him. They would not tell me when or where he was lost, so I started posting his information and looking for him. I couldn't sleep.

Creed had to have both eyes removed but he rocks the glasses!

A good Samaritan found him and took him to Indy Humane, where they had to remove both of his eyes because the cataracts caused one of them to burst! I dropped everything and went to IH to get him. I know a dog's behavior is about the owner and not the dog, but I never wanted a pit bull. If a small dog bites me, I can keep my hand. With a pitt, not so much. But I am in love with this dog! He has taught me so much about unconditional love, trust, judgments, etc.

We named him Creed (as in Apollo Creed) Because he kept getting knocked down and got right back up. He is the sweetest dog who goes EVERYWHERE with me. He is so gentle and loving that everyone wants to meet him, pet him and love him. I have only had him since August of this year, but I can't imagine my life without him. He is truly the BEST. And if you share our story, maybe others will give dogs like Creed a chance!

IndyHumane took care of Creed's medical issues. (Photos provided by Karen Sauer)


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