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My story: Service dog is granddaughter's helpmate

Kylie Sullivan and her service dog, Sir Finnegan Wigglebottom

By Janette Thompson

Greenwood, Indiana

My granddaughter, Kylie Sullivan, was a little girl who loved to dance. Growing up she had many years of lessons and competitions and became a beautiful dancer and choreographer.

Kylie’s mother, Kerri Sullivan, who always was involved in dance herself, became the owner and director of Impulse Dance Academy in Greenwood, Indiana.

As a young child, Kylie was having serious health issues and at the age of 15 was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare connective tissue disorder. She was nominated as a Make-A-Wish child and her wish was for a service dog.

Ultimate Canine trained a wonderful yellow lab that Kylie named Sir Finnegan Wigglebottom. Kylie’s health has declined considerably: She is 21 and in a wheelchair. She is still teaching dance and doing choreography from her wheelchair each week with Finnegan by her side at the studio.

It’s been a good experience having a service dog at the studio. All the young students love Finnegan and have learned how to behave with service dogs.

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