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My story: Two kitties are bonded forever!

ZaZa and Garand loved to snuggle at Petco. Now they have a new home!

By Jenni Beesley

Namaste Cat Cafe

Two of the sweet kitties at one of our rescue locations seemed to have a special bond.

Garand and ZaZa showed up at a house just west of downtown Indy during the middle of the summer. The family could not afford cat food so they fed them their leftover people food. I learned about the situation in early November, so my friend Savannah and I went and picked up both kitties two days before Thanksgiving.

While at the adoption area at Petco, Garand and ZaZa would snuggle together, usually in the litter box area.

One day a volunteer came in and found that Garand had gotten his collar around his mouth. His mouth was bleeding a little bit, so I stopped in and took him to my house. He is a beautiful Russian blue mix and was quickly adopted from my home.

The next time I went into Petco, ZaZa saw me and ran. Minutes before I arrived, she had been out and very social with the volunteer who was there cleaning, but the minute she saw me she got upset and climbed as quickly as possible back into her cage.

I took this to mean that she was upset with me for taking Garand from her. I decided to take a 30-second video of her hiding from me and sent it to the family who adopted Garand.

Garand was their first cat ever, and they had read that it’s good to get two cats! When they heard about ZaZa they very excitedly decided to adopt her too! ZaZa & Garand are now living their best life . . . together!

Our rescue is Redemption Animal Advocates doing business as (DBA) Namaste Cat Cafe. Our first initiative is opening Namaste Cat Cafe in the future, which will support our animal advocacy projects.

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