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Protect your pets by using FreeWill

Donna Casamento

IndyHumane CEO

At IndyHumane, we're not afraid to think about forever. Whether you've fostered an animal on its way to a new home, adopted a new friend yourself or just want each animal to find someone to love, the intention is clear: you're in it for the long haul.

IndyHumane is proud to be a leader in animal welfare. In that spirit, we're announcing our new partnership with FreeWill, which offers an online platform that helps you write your will at no cost to you.

Creating a will is a way for pet owners to make plans for your furry friends in a will. We also invite you to consider your forever legacy with IndyHumane by including a gift in your will. Your legacy is not only a gift that allows us to continue our work, but it can also create a more pawsitive future for every pet that enters our shelter.


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