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Rare kitty is Internet star!

Whoa! Is this one kitty or two? Is she two-faced? Does she have a split personality? Nope, she’s reported to be an ultra rare “Genetic Chimera” cat who has become an Internet sensation because of her unusual looks. Her name is Quimera and she’s from Argentina. The beautiful feline has half of her furry face amber-colored with a hazel eye while the other half is black with a blue eye. A Genetic Chimera is when an otherwise normal organism is composed of two eggs, resulting in two different sets of DNA. It is possible that Quimera may be a “mosaic,” where a single egg has two or more genetic cell lines. According to a geneticist, Quimera is a perfect example of a calico cat. Since no one knows which two species of cat she came from, the origin of her quirky look may never be determined.

Meanwhile, Quimera has more than 61,000 followers on Instagram. She can be seen playing and cuddling with her owner and likes to poke him while he’s working on his laptop. Visit her Instagram account here:


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