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Rose Pet Memorial Service eases the pain of 'goodbye'

Jane Rose is a Certified Pet Loss Professional.

Our pets are precious to us. And when it’s time to say goodbye, you want to do it in a loving, dignified way, just like we do for humans.

On Dec. 19, my kitty Spike crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and I knew that I had to memorialize him in a special way. I took him to Rose Pet Memorial Center (no relation) on the Northwest side of Indianapolis, and it couldn’t have been a better experience for someone grieving the loss of a pet. Owner Jane Rose is a Certified Pet Loss Professional and Pet Loss Companion who helps you though your journey – and gives big hugs, too.

Spike was placed in a beautiful cat bed next to a lighted candle in a small sanctuary. It was a serene and beautiful place to spend my last moments with him before he was cremated. Then I picked out a pretty glass heart, which will be specially crafted to include his ashes in the design. There also is a nice selection of urns and boxes for the cremains as well as jewelry and art for your pet.

Rose Pet Memorial Center opened in 2013 to provide a caring and comforting place for pet parents. It serves Marion County and the surrounding counties, including Hamilton, Boone, Johnson and Hendricks. Jane and husband John offer several services:

• A pet loss specialist to help you plan how to best honor and memorialize your pet. • Private Sanctuary and Remembrance Rooms to visit with your pet and receive your pet’s cremains. • Pet-friendly environment welcoming other four-legged family members. • Monthly pet loss support group. • Grief materials to assist, you, your family, young children and other pets. • Pre-Arrangement kits for advance preparations.

Several choices of urns and other memorial items for your pet.

They offer only private cremations, meaning only one animal is in the cremation chamber during the process, and their ashes are returned to you within 48 to 72 hours. Your pet can be picked up at your home or veterinary office, or you can bring your pet to them. If you prefer your pet not be cremated, they can assist you with burial arrangements.

Their services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

I now have my kitty back in a wooden box with his picture on the top. I also received a paw print ceramic heart and some fur shavings. To have my pet handled in such a beautiful way helped so much in the healing process.

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