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Stray 29-pound cat is a big, friendly boy!

Who owns this giant kitty? The Pasadena Humane Society in California is looking for the owner of this guy who was found on the streets by a good Samaritan. They’re calling him Chubbs and he weighs a whopping 29 pounds! During his evaluation, they found he was in desperate need of grooming and it took two hours to remove the painful mats from his back. He has no chip or tags, so pictures of this big guy, who is around 10 years old and possibly a Himalayan mix, were posted to social media to find the owner.

Chubbs is receiving excellent care and is said to be a very friendly cat. Because of his size, he is unable to fit in a normal kennel, so he is an “office cat” for now.

Since posting the picture, the shelter has received multiple calls claiming to be the owner of the cat. Currently, they are investigating each inquiry. If none of the callers turn out to be his owner, he will be put up for adoption.

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