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Teaching your dog to 'leave it!'

Dogs are always wanting something that they should not have. Having a solid “leave it” behavior could be life-saving for your pup. So how do we train “leave it”?

  • First, we start small, with a small temptation and big reward for leaving it. Remember, the reward for leaving it must be better than if they get what you are asking them to leave. Also, don’t think of the big reward as something that is a lot. It could be a special treat that they really like.

  • Second, we make the temptation bigger but make the reward still better, and don’t forget to use an assertive voice when asking them to “leave it.” That helps them understand the importance.

  • Third, practice with other things but don’t use their toys. Remember, if we tell them to “leave it,” they are never allowed to have whatever we are asking them to leave. So using their toys would not work.

With enough practice, your dog will simply walk away when you ask them to “leave it,” which is the targeted behavior. Contact your local certified trainer if you are having problems training this behavior.


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