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The flour in your kitchen can save kittens!

Are you prepared for the moment you stumble across kittens? It can happen year round but more frequently in the Spring, we come across a litter of kittens and we just want to help!

What will you do on the day that you get called by the sweet little squeaks of a cuddle pile of precious babies? I hope you'll go to the kitchen and get the flour out.

I know. It's not the first time you've said, "You've got to be KITTEN me, KJ!" but hear me out. This is advice from the experts!

Indy Neighborhood Cats works tirelessly to help our community cats but helping US understand what to do!

Executive Director Dawn Benefiel tells us the most important thing to do is WATCH AND WAIT. And . . . get out the flour!

While seeing defenseless little kittens with no mother in sight makes us want to act, chances are mama cat IS around and the worst thing we can do is interfere.

And, most of us don't have time to go into a full-on stakeout mode with snacks and binoculars to see if mama is coming back. That's why we get out the flour!

Watch this TEAM CAT TIP video for how to properly set up a ring of flour -- yes, basic flour from your kitchen -- around those kittens so you can keep track if there are TRACKS of mama's paws, proving all is well and the kittens are safe.

Contacting your neighborhood cat program is always a good idea for more tips on what to do if you find kittens and keep that flour on hand even if you're not a baker! You never know when the kittens are going to need it!

Spay and neuter helps us reduce the number of kittens born relieving stress on the mama cats, stress in the shelters and decreasing the chance that you'll find kittens. Please help reduce the pet population by having your pet spayed or neutered.

Follow KJ to keep up with The MEOW You Know tips for you and YOUR CAT live your best lives togethers and follow Indy Neighborhood Cats on Facebook for how to help the cats that live in your community.


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