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The K9 Garage Door Kennel Net Creates a Safe and Comfortable Outdoor Space for Your Dog

Dogs are known for having a lot of energy. These loyal pets need to spend all their accumulated energy every single day. Dogs also need fresh air. They need to go outside to move around and run until their tired enough and have killed their boredom.

Whether you have a little yard space for your dog, or if you are seeking a safer space that’s also more convenient and affordable than above ground or invisible fencing, the K9 Garage Door Kennel Net, made by Ramah Inc., is the perfect solution.

While garages offers a safe overhead and wall coverage, the K9 Garage Door Kennel Net keeps dogs safe and sound, while allowing them more access to the outdoor environment they love, without any of the dangers that roaming free can pose. The K9 Garage Door Kennel Net offers dog owners some extra peace of mind and relief, which means that they no longer have to constantly worry about their dog taking off after a small animal, chasing cars down the street, or even running after the mail carrier.

By having a K9 Garage Door Kennel Net , dog owners can let their dog sit on the entrance of their garage and enjoy the sunshine and breeze unattended and not hampered by an uncomfortable and limiting dog chain, which can be hard on their necks. Not only does the K9 Garage Door Kennel Net keeps your dog safer, it also sends a clear message to others that a dog is on the premises. Dogs are also known as great theft deterrents.

The K9 Garage Door Kennel Net was designed to maximize function and quality. The net measures 16 ft. 4 in. wide by 6 ft. tall (497.84 x 182.88 cm) and is designed with heavy duty braided nylon, and coupled with cam straps and snap-hook fasteners at 12 secure anchor points. The net comes in one size only, but it’s big enough to work with dogs of any size.

The net is also durable and easily withstands all elements and weather conditions. This fantastic dog house kennel alternative is designed to fit single- or double-garage door openings. The net comes packed in a sturdy carboard box and can be easily mounted within a few minutes, offering your dog instant comfort and enjoyment within the safety of your garage, while also providing constant stimulation and excitement.

The K9 Garage Door Kennel Net can be installed via its six wall-mounted steel brackets to keep it secured to each side of the garage door, providing 300 pounds per bracket (1800 pounds total) of holding power for your dog’s safety. The bottom of the net is weighted and secured to the ground with a durable adhesive strip.

The net also comes with an integrated doggy door that’s configured around an open matrix-square design, offering exceptional airflow and access. The net is tall enough to exclude the fear of having your dog crashing through or jumping over the net. It conveniently reaches from the ground to the top of the garage door opening, while still leaving a space to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your garage door railing system.

The K9 Garage Door Kennel Net easily creates a safe and comfortable outdoor space you and your dog will love. The net provides a better life for your animal, and more comfort and convenience for you. It allows your pet to experience fresh air and improved outdoor stimulation in the safety and security of your garage. It’s important to note that this is not a home security system.

The K9 Garage Door Kennel Net can come in two colors: either Red or Black. The K9 Garage Door Kennel Net is currently going for $320 at K9 Kennel Net’s official website (or $298 at Amazon). If you’re interested in getting through its official website, click here. However, if you prefer getting it from Amazon, you can find it on this page.


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Very good article, you told everything so clearly and cool, I even wanted to get a dog again, even though I understand that you were talking about service dogs, but still, they are so cute. I remember when I went to the mountains with my dog, he was only a year old, but he was still afraid of heights and whined like crazy, I even have medjugorje images from that trip. It was something incredible, we had such a good time that even now, remembering it, I'm a little sad that we didn't go traveling with him anymore, but after your article, I think the day will come when I will decide to get a dog again.

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