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This kitty out-grumpied Grumpy Cat!

Loki, popular on Instagram, died in June 2018 after a routine dental cleaning, due to heart issues.

Remember Grumpy Cat, the social media sensation who passed away a few months ago? Meet Loki, a Sphynx whose snarly face was just as amusing. He was named after the famous Marvel comic book supervillain.

Unfortunately, Loki passed away a year before Grumpy Cat, in June 2018. Both Grumpy Cat and Loki have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but they’re probably busy scowling at each other and enjoying every minute of it.

For more about Loki, click here:

For more about Grumpy Cat, click here:

Grumpy Cat, aka Tardar Sauce, became an Internet sensation after posting on Reddit in 2012.


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