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The Best Medicine

By Toto (with a little help from Oz)

It was an experience I will never forget. Last week I arrived at a familiar place. As we checked in, my mind flashed back – this was where I had been given a shot that made me sleepy, and I woke up with clean teeth and better breath. At the time, I was very groggy but felt fine later that day.

So you can only imagine how shocked I was after I arrived to that same place expecting to leave with fresh breath. Instead, I woke up to discover that half of my body hair had been shaved off, and a huge incision now appeared in the middle of it!

And this time the grogginess didn’t last only for that day but for many. In fact during the first night, confusion set in – I didn’t know where I was. My mom seemed worried when I scurried about her bed around 3 a.m. and then tried to jump out. She then gently moved me down to the floor with blankets and pillows and lay next to my bed until morning. I was in no mood to snuggle.

The confusion and sleepiness eventually wore off, and after a few days I felt better – until the cone surfaced. It started with an itch. That big scar on the side of my body was driving me crazy. And it wouldn’t stop! I tried to soothe it with a few licks, but that solution landed me with a big cone on my head. Was I being punished? Hadn’t I been through enough? My mom must have known I wasn’t happy. It was as if she could read my mind – even through that big plastic thing. After a few minutes the cone came off and a soft baby blue jumper came on. Ahhh… Much. Better.

It’s been almost a week now since I went in for my “teeth cleaning.” I have heard my mom talking to friends about waiting for test results. She’s also been praying a lot. But I feel great and almost back to normal. Once my hair grows back, I’ll even look normal.

Until then I’ll just keep soaking up the love that continues to be showered on me through endless hugs, naps on the floor, and big plastic cones no more!

After all, love is the best medicine of all.

Update: Toto’s pathology report is back, and the results showed that the margins were clear (i.e. The tumor had not spread). So Toto is on a path to complete healing! Thank you, God! And thank you to the wonderful staff at Noah’s Caring Hands at Geist. We are so grateful.

And Our Yellow Brick Road Adventures Continue ...

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Pam Benz
Pam Benz
22 mar 2019

Wonderful news🙏

Me gusta
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