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ON TV: Therapy cats & tracking poo to the owner!

Therapy dogs are cropping up more and more around the country, showing up in nursing homes, schools and hospitals to comfort humans in times of grief or stress. But, what about a therapy cat? Yes, there is one . . . at Eskenazi Health. Patty meets the owner and gets to snuggle and squeeze this laidback feline named Tiger Lily. What a soft sweetheart! (The cat, not Patty!)

Dog droppings. Yes, it's something every canine owner deals with on a regular basis. Now, since more and more condos and apartments are allowing dogs, what about that annoying poopoo? Reporter Brenna Donnelly tells us how fecal matter, taken when the resident’s pup moves in, helps keep the tabs on the “pick-up process.” Management can tell what poo left on the grounds belongs to what dog! It's Doggie DNA!!!


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