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Gazelle pair adds to baby boom at IndyZoo

Two male baby gazelles will join the Plains exhibit. Photo: Indianapolis Zoo

Hanna Mordoh


The Indianapolis Zoo is once again celebrating new births. This time, two baby boy gazelles were born to two different moms. They don’t have names yet, but the zoo says both the boys and their moms are doing well.

The zoo's Senior Keeper, Amber, says “Have you 'herd'? Our Plains family is still growing! We’re excited to introduce our two new male Addra gazelle calves. While both calves don’t have a name yet, both boys and moms Swann and Sparrow are doing well and will stay indoors this winter."

Recently the Zoo also welcomed a 6-foot-tall giraffe calf born to mom Kita. While the baby doesn’t yet have a name, he and his mom are both doing great and will remain indoors with the rest of the herd this winter.

Zahara the African elephant also gave birth to baby Jabari at the Zoo in September. In August, the aquatic family at the Zoo got a little bit bigger after the birth of a new cownose ray. The “sweet baby ray” can be seen swimming with the school of rays at the touch pool in the Zoo’s Oceans exhibit.

The Zoo also shared that rays are born with their wings folded over like a taco, and they learn to glide quickly after birth.

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