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ViviPet ViviCat Selected Anti-Tracking Cat Litter Mat

Litter tracking is something that's caused by bits of litter sticking to your cat's paws and/or fur. This happens right after your furry friend has used the litter box. Many cats also enjoy “digging all the way to China” right after they’re done with doing their business inside the litter box, which is something that can potentially involve kicking and throwing litter all over your precious floor. Then they walk through the mess and bring it to every corner of your home. This “litter mess” can be avoided by using the ViviPet ViviCat Selected Anti-tracking Cat Litter Mat.

Most cat litter boxes (A.K.A. sandboxes, litter trays, cat pans, or litter pans) come with a top cover and a little door that allow your cat to enter and do his business. However, no matter if your cat's litter box includes a top cover or not, some particles of your cat's litter/sand still get spilled out the box and around the room.

This happens whenever your furry friend starts digging and covering up his work, as well as when your little fellow comes out the box, bringing some tiny litter bits on his/her paws, right between his fingers.

While that means that those litter/sand bits inevitably get out of the box and potentially spread across your floor, that doesn't really have to happen.

By using the ViviPet ViviCat Selected Anti-tracking Cat Litter Mat you can avoid most of your cat's litter mess, which ultimately means you'll have to worry less about cleaning and collecting lost bits of your cat's litter, leaving you more time to focus on your family, work, and obviously, your furry companion.

Let's take a look at the ViviCat Selected Anti-tracking Cat Litter Mat and check everything it has to offer.


The ViviCat Selected is a premium comfort Anti-tracking Cat Litter Mat that's made of soft durable and washable EVA materials, featuring an "Envelope Design" that allows the mat to be easily opened on both ends for an easy one-way litter dumping.

The ViviCat Selected cat litter mat is actually somewhat large, measuring exactly 22 inches long by 27 inches wide. This offers cat owners a large "Anti-tracking Cat Litter" surface that can be place right under their cat's litter box to collect most of their cat's litter mess.

This cat litter mat is also Phthalate- (phthalic acid) -free, meaning its super safe for cats to use. Furthermore, its super soft EVA material is gentle for sensitive cat paws, making it super comfortable for your kitty (or kitties) to stand on it/use it.

This anti-tracking cat litter mat features a double-layered honeycomb design that helps cat owners to easily gather any kitty litter that potentially gets spilled outside their cat's litter box.

This design stops cat litter tracking and scattering, trapping most litter from your furry friend’s paws and nails, as well as kitty litter “kick outs” from within the litter box during your cat’s litter digging.

This cat litter mat is also scratch-resistant and extremely easy to clean. Its bottom layer is waterproof and also slip-resistant, making it urine repellent, which ultimately means that it will not allow any liquid to go through.

That also means that the mat is hard to move, which works great for any "oopsies". This even includes special situations like if your cat is an older cat (or during cat pregnancy) and experiences urinary incontinence.


The ViviCat Selected Anti-tracking Cat Litter Mat is super easy to use, and it’s all thanks to its previously mentioned "Envelope Design", which allows the mat to be easily opened on both ends for an easy one-way litter dumping.

This way, dirt can be easily removed from the mat. At the beginning of each use, simply place it on the floor in front (or under) your cat's litter box.

After that, all you have to do is pick up the mat and all the collected litter overtime will easily fall through.

Lastly, simply dump it back in front or under your cat's litter box to use it again.

As said before, this cat litter mat is also washable, which makes it very easy to clean it.


The ViviPet ViviCat Selected Anti-tracking Cat Litter Mat is super convenient and super easy to use.

With it, cat owners can avoid most of their cat’s litter mess whenever their furry friend(s) enter their litter box to do their business.

The ViviCat Selected cat litter mat is currently available in three (x3) different color models: Blue, Pink, and Black.

If you're interested in buying the ViviCat Selected Anti-tracking Cat Litter Mat, each unit is currently going for $30, no matter what color model you choose to go with. You can order yours online, directly from ViviPet's official shopping page, which you can access by clicking here.


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